Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arrival of Alvin Mitchell Hazar

Here I am on my way to the hospital around 2:30am March 31st. I am wearing this cute outfit because i have a towel between my legs because my water broke around 12:30am march 31st so i had to wear a skirt with my pj top and the shoes were just easy to put on.
here i am at the hospital. we got there at 3am i was dialated to a 3. by the time i was a 5 an hour later i got my epidural and it was easy from there on out. the Baby was born at 7:39am march 31st.
this is baby Alvin Mitchell Hazar he weighed 8lbs 3ozs and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Here we are as a whole family. David, Clara, Nabby Alvin, and Reid
Here is Alvin's first bath.
Reid and Clara loved to watch. Reid kept saying look at his elliptical cord(that's when you know i work out too much) and Clara said when someone asked "does he have any hair?" Clara said "does he have eyes?"

Reid was so excited to have a brother. we all thought Clara would be the one more excited, but she seemed a little affected by the fact that she wasn't the baby anymore. Reid said "Alvin is the cutest baby in the town." and when he got a shot and didn't cry Reid said "How could a baby that small be so brave?" he is a proud big brother.
Clara and my mom Vickie Brinton. My mom watched my kids while we were in the hospital. She said it wouldn't be so hard if i didn't have to put their shoes on about 50 times a day. Tell me about it especially with a big pregnant belly.

David's mom candace hazar. Alvin was born on her birthday so she was so excited. She got her birthday wish.

My brother Chauncy and the baby.

Daddy and the kiddies.

Getting ready the leave the hospital.


Destiny Rayburn said...

He is so cute! and look at his hair, insane!!! he's totally an Alvin. I'm excited to see him... i'll stop by in a couple weeks when you are a bit more settled, unless you need help, if so, CALL ME! =)

bmann said...

Congratulations! He is such an adorable baby. I Hope everything goes well in the next few weeks!

Amy M. said...

Yay that my Lady has a blog! I was just thinking I need to call you tommorow, then I decided to see if you had emailed any photos and what a fun surprise I had. Congratulations! He's cute and he once again looks twin of you (to me anyway).
I notice your hair looks perfect in every photo.

Audra said...

You look amazing and Alvin is a total cutie pie! I can't believe how big and beautiful your kids are. I hope you are enjoying your family:)

Shannon said...

Congrats you guys on the new baby boy. The fun is just beginning now with #3. David you look more tired than Nabby in those pictures you better go take a nap! :-)

Congrats again!

Natalie said...

good idea to start the blog nabs! glad everything went well with the baby. he definitely looks like part of the family- twin, as amy said.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet. Congrats!! You will have to see my new baby - - well she is now 9 months but still a baby. :) check out my blog