Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

Today was Halloween and so Reid had his kindergarten parade. As you know we followed him around as he went from class to class. Here he is sticking his tongue out at us.
Clara wanted to join in so Reid made sure she knew where to go. He kept saying in kind of a baby voice. "This way Clara, stay right here, stay close to me." It was so cute.

My mom, Katrina, and Chloe came to see the parade. It was a little uneventful, but the best part was going to einsteins afterwards and getting my favorite pumpkin muffin and chocolate cookie. I am still dreaming of the pumpkin muffin. I will have to go back very soon. This is Chloe as Hello Kitty.
Here is Alvin. He was pretty fussy the whole time. It was right during both the babies naps:(.

This is my younger brother Chauncy dressed up for his ward party. Don't be surprised, but he's single:).

Here are the pumpkin's I carved this year. David was out of town this week, so I had to do all the Halloween stuff all by myself. David hates to carve pumpkins so he lucked out this year. Reid wanted really scary pumpkins so these are the ones he wanted me to carve. He said that when people see them they will be so scared they will fall down.

Here we are waiting to go trick or treating.

David finally got home to go trick or treating with us. Yeah!

We found Darth Vader while we were out.
These people went all out for the trick or treaters. They are a young couple in our ward and they don't even have any kids. We couldn't get our kids to leave their house. My kids actually debated whether they wanted to stay here and play or get candy at the houses. Can you blame them? Look at this thing.

Down the big slide. We go trick or treating every year with 3 other couples and their kids. It has been so much fun to see all of our kids grow. It usually takes us sooo long waiting for all the little kids to go from one house to the other, but this year the older kids were so far ahead of us. It was funny to see the change.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Here we are getting ready to go to our Halloween party. David was out of town so I couldn't make him dress up (lucky guy). I always love to dress up. I tried to get Clara to be princess Leia, but she had to be Hello Kitty so I had to be princess Leia.

Halloween at Clara's Preschool

Clara's preschool paraded around UVU(she goes to the preschool there) in their costumes on Wed. this week. Here she is waiting with all the kids for mommy to come.

Here she is in the front of one of the college classes singing a Halloween song(she wasn't singing though, basically the teachers were the only ones singing.)

Here she is in the gym singing a Halloween song for the parents. My Kids never love to sing in these kind of events. Neither Reid nor Clara would ever do it. They just stand there. Although Clara did do a couple of the actions along with the other kids. I'll take whatever I can get. Another funny thing both Reid and Clara have done is they hate it if I try to sing or do any of the actions in these kind of things. I must look pretty stupid or something.

Reid turned 6

Reid 3 weeks old

Reid 4 months old

Reid 1 year old

Reid 19 months old

Reid 2 years old.

Reid 2 years oldReid 3 years old

Reid 4 years old

Reid 5 years old

My little Reid turned 6 on the 21st this month. He is getting so old. We love him so much. He is the perfect older brother to his younger siblings. Reid has such a sweet manner about him. He is very sensitive and caring. If he ever thought Clara needed help he would make sure she was okay. And he is the best when Alvin is crying to get him to stop. He would hate to ever hurt anybody's feelings. It brakes his heart to see somebody sad. Also he would never say one thing was better than the other or say he liked one person better than the other. I have never heard him say he didn't like somebody, or say a mean thing about anybody. He also has such a silly side to him. He loves to laugh and make others laugh as well. He is such a good kid and we are so blessed to have him as part of our family. We love you Reid.

Reid's Birthday Party

Reid had his 6th birthday party last Saturday. He wanted a race car party(surprise, surprise). It was a lot of fun and I think all the kids had fun too. Here is the cake I made. I love to create things as you know, so this was pretty fun to make and eat:). Here are some pictures of the activities that we did.

Reid got a WII for his birthday so the kids played mario cart as they were arriving. The first game we played was pull back car races. We used Reid's pull back cars and the kids were accusing him of having a faster pull back car because he kept winning, but when the other kids used his car it was the same speed as the other car. Reid just knew how to work those cars. He might just end up being a race car driver. Let's hope not. Here are all the kids that came to the party ready the do the next event..... The Obstacle Course.

Here is Reid doing the obstacle course. We timed each kid to see who could do it the fastest.

We then had a pinata.

And then we opened presents. The little girl to the right is Kalyana. Some of you have heard me tell stories about Reid's girlfriend, well that is her. She was cute. She didn't want to play any of the games because she couldn't wait for Reid to open her present. As Reid was getting ready to open all the presents, all the kids were yelling..."you will like mine the best." "No, you will like mine the best." "No , mine." etc. and finally Reid stopped them all and said... "Hey, maybe I will like all of yours the best." see he never says one thing is better than the other.

Then to top it all off we had pizza and then ice cream and cake. Yum!
Later that day Clara was having one of her daily melt downs, screaming for about 30 minutes straight that she wanted sprite which we said she couldn't have because she had eaten junk all day. All of a sudden she stopped screaming and we thought, wow I can't believe she finally stopped and we went to the kitchen to see her and this is what we saw.

Mornings at the Hazars

I still go to the gym on the mornings and so every morning we come outside early to ride bikes until it is time to go. Here is Alvin watching the kids sucking his thumb. He has become a regular thumb sucker. He got his first tooth last week and I can see the other one next to it about to come through. He got his first tooth earlier than both my other kids.

Reid goes to school in the mornings, so he rides his bike with Clara until the bus comes. He loves to ride down the neighbors driveway. Hopefully they don't mind, because my kids are always over there.

Here is Clara riding Alvin around. My kids are still so obsessed with there new brother Alvin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last week we went to Disneyland for 3 days. It was so much fun. David and I just love Disneyland we would go there whether we had kids or not. The kids as you can imagine, loved every minute of it. Reid went on all the rides he was tall enough for, but his favorite rides were Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion. Clara was afraid of a lot of the rides, but she loved the kiddie rides as long as they weren't dark and loud. Her favorite ride is Small World, but it was closed so her favorite ride this trip was probably Dumbo. She loves to see the characters, but she is scared of the princesses. She said "I like the princesses as long as they don't talk to me."

Alvin is 6 and a half months now. He loved being in the bjorn all day. He was so good for being dragged around all day. He had a couple of fussy times, but for the most part he was really good.

We went with all the Hazar's, and my mom tagged along as well. We loved having her there, because she gets a wheel chair because she has arthritis, so we got on most rides without waiting in line. I think my mom went on more rides than anyone else, because everyone wanted to take her with them so they didn't have to wait. She has never felt so popular.

This is Reid and Clara on the Storybook ride. Clara was having fun until we said "Look Clara we are going inside the whale's mouth." and then she lost it for a minute because she thought we were really going to be eaten up.

Some funny things Reid said while on the rides were... After space mountain was over he said "Did I not even make a peep mommy?" While going up the huge hill preparing to go down the huge hill on splash mountain he said "I should have never went on this ride." He also kept saying "Am I the bravest kid ever mommy?"
Some funny things Clara kept saying were "Let's rock and roll." "I have an idea." and "Don't I look darling?" We bought Clara this tinkerbell hat(she loves tinkerbell) the first day and it became the worst thing we ever did. She loved it, but it was never on right. About every other hour she was screaming because it wasn't feeling right. Gee, I wonder where she got that from? (those of you who know of my childhood will know.)
Here we are in front of my favorite bakery Pooh's Corner. They have the best cookies and rice crispie treats. My mother-in-law treated me to my first round of treats(Thanks Candace) and Then I couldn't leave the last day without some more to take home, so David and I went back the last night by ourselves while my mom stayed with the kids at the hotel. We had so much fun. We also were able to hit a couple of rides. Tower of Terror and Soarin over California.
David and I hate waisting anytime at Disneyland. We once got in trouble for running to the rides.(Like you do when you run at a waterpark) We like to try to do as many rides as possible so we are often running from ride to ride. Once while David was waiting for Reid to get off a ride I ran as fast as I could pushing my mom in the wheel chair dodging people, from one side of California Adventure to the other side to go on the Tower of Terror(my favorite ride) so we could be done faster. I am such a dork. My mom was dying, she likes it though, because I think I inherited the speediness from her. I'm sure we looked pretty funny to the people we were dodging.

This is Reid and Clara after the first day at Disneyland. Hyper as ever. And this is Alvin after the first day at Disneyland. All tuckered out.

The whole Hazar Family. There are 8 grandkids.
Reid and Clara making there own pizza for lunch at the Storyteller Cafe. Our favorite place to eat at disneyland.

Clara and my mom got to play a washboard for a streetband. You will see that she was more concerned with how the washboard was fitting than actually playing it.

The boy grandkids.
The girl grandkids.