Sunday, July 18, 2010

You know it's time to fold the clothes when...

One of my husband's household jobs is to fold the clothes and he was out of town for almost 3 weeks and so when I finally got around to folding the clothes this is what happened. I dumbed out my laundry baskets onto the bed and when I lifted them up they had formed perfect cubes of clothes. My kids and I were laughing so hard. It's times like these when I really appreciate my husband.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Liberty Park

We went to liberty park this week and it was so much fun. I have to say I feel like there is a lot more to do with my kids in salt lake county than in Utah county. I loved Utah county, but we have had so much fun this summer all for free. At this park there is a fun play ground, a splash park, and this fun river part. Here is Alvin taking a break from the splash park and eating a snack. He is at such a cute age. I love how he gets so excited about everything and I live for his reaction to something new and fun(however I hate his reaction to something he doesn't like) He is still so hard, but he is so much fun at the same time. I wish I could freeze this stage. The other day we were on our way to Cafe Rio and those of you who go to Cafe Rio a lot know that if you have a free meal from your stamp card then all the workers yell really loud "FREE MEAL!!!" and so as we were walking in I asked David "Do we have a free meal?" and all of a sudden we hear Alvin yell as load as he can "FREE MEAL!!!" That's when you know you go to Cafe Rio a little too much.

Pushing Alvin on the disabled kid swing.

Shivering Reid. He loves anything with water and if he is ever anywhere near any kind of water it doesn't take long for him to be soaked.

Here is the fun river part. This was their favorite part. It had all of these little rivers that were suppose to be the canyons and rivers in Utah. We went with my friend Amy and her kids. Her daughter Ella is a poser. look at her perfect stance and she does it in every picture. A little model.

Landscaping coming soon!!!

We are getting our landscaping done and when the landscaper dropped off the tracker my kids played on it all evening. The yard is almost done and I can't wait for the dust to go away from our house. We are also finishing part of our basement so I have it coming from everywhere. It is not fun, but it will be worth it once it is all done.

Playing on the tractor. Clara was the only one letting me take lots of pictures of her. The boys were too into the tractor. Clara is getting so much fun. She is starting to try more things and wear a variety of clothing. she use to only wear tennis shoes, jeans, and t shirts and now she will wear different kinds of pants, tunics, and she actually wore a skirt to dinner the other night and not just to church. She is a little tom boy, which I love about her, but having only one girl I get excited when she is a little girly.

Naartjie Model

Reid was choosen to model for the children's clothing store Naarjie. There were 2 pictures of him on their website modeling their transitional line. Here are the shots they took of him.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July

We had such a fun 4th of July this year. My new neighborhood really goes all out to celebrate, which was nice because we didn't have to go anywhere. Here are my kids in their 4th of July shirts I made.

I made Clara some pants to go with hers.

Our neighbors across the street have a huge celebration every year which includes a children's parade where the kids decorate their bikes and cars and ride around the block. We had so much fun with this task and decided to make reid's car look like a real float.

The starting line. Look how cute the balloon arch was. This family makes it so much fun.
Look how many kids there are in this neighborhood. It is crazy. My kids absolutely love it.

Reid is ready to go.

Clara is ready to go.

They set up awnings all over their front yard for the bbq after the parade.

They set up bounce houses for the kids to play in.

Here we are eating our hamburgers and hot dogs. That night we went to another neighbors house for fireworks. It was a fun day. Reid was so excited because he got to light some of the fireworks.

Clara learned to ride a 2 wheeler

About two weeks ago Clara went outside and decided she was going to ride a two wheeler and next thing I know she was riding down the street. Way to go Clara!
This video is kind of long so sorry. I forgot that I filmed the kids for longer afterwards.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

I have a family membership to Thanksgiving Point and we have used it soooo much. We go at least once a week. My kids have so much fun. They especially like the children's gardens.
This time we brought Chloe and Katrina with us.

We had Chloe over that whole day while Katrina went to work. The kids had so much fun and keep asking when Chloe came come again for the whole day.

This is Alvin's face when he says "CHEESE!!!"

Sewing projects

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately. It has become a big stress relief for me. here is a dress I made for my niece.
Okay so you will see that i have gone a little crazy adding bibs to everything. Here is a shirt I made for Clara.

Cute skirt and bib shirt combo. I made this skirt using all leftover scraps. I really liked how it turned out which is funny because usually i spend so much time putting the fabrics together and it seems like the ones that I don't think about as much turn our the cutest.

I bought all of this fabric and walmart and made this reversible dress and pants. one side looks like this and the other looks like the one below.

Other side of reversible dress.

Dress for Clara. I love a flutter sleeve on little girls.

This dress is where the my bib obsession started and when i finished I was like "where else can I put a bib?"

And I found many places to put them:) These are not for Clara so she doesn't have this many of these shirts.

However, Chloe and Clara are now often found wearing bibs:)

This is big on Clara because it is for an older niece, but Clara was willing to be the model.

A twin dress for Chloe like Clara's.

Cute flutter sleeve dress I made for a 1 year old niece.

Clara turned 5!!!

Clara loves butterflies(as you can see by her bedroom) so she wanted a butterfly birthday party. Also, as you can see by her room I have now cut out soooo many butterflies. Reid said as I was making butterflies for this party "wow, you are good at making butterflies" And it is because I have now cut out hundreds of them.

I cut these butterflies out of Amy butler paper and hung them from the ceiling. and made these pom poms out of tissue paper. i looked up online how to make them and it wasn't very hard.

I was so happy that I was able to reuse the mural my aunt and uncle painted for Clara's Tinkerbell party last year. I just added all the butterflies to it.

More pom poms.

Butterfly cupcakes. Clara loves cupcakes. especially the frosting. these were especially yummy cupcakes. I used the flag sheet cake recipe from barefoot contessa and the Wilton's butter cream frosting recipe. The pretzels and the mint chips made them really yummy too.

I made these applique shirts for all the girls. Like I said I have cut out my fare share of butterflies.

Here are all the kids piled on Clara's bed.

Each of the kids got sand buckets and we decorated them with this foam butterfly kit from walmart.

We had a butterfly beanbag toss.

And then we played the butterfly Elefun game. A game where the elephant blows out little butterflies and the kids have to try to catch the most butterflies.

My niece Chloe had a tank top version on the butterfly applique shirt.

All the shirts had butterflies on the back too.

Clara got the "monkey swimsuit" from grandma that she wanted.

Clara is such a sweet girl. She can't stand for any of her brothers to be upset. The other day we went to the family night at Thanksgiving point and the activity was making rockets and then they could blast them off with this air pressure thing. The kids loved it until Reid's rocket busted. He was especially upset since Clara still had her rocket to take home. Reid pretty much screamed his head off the whole way home. Clara felt so bad for him that she sat in the car and tore up her rocket so that Reid wouldn't be sad that he didn't have one. It was so sweet. She is always doing things like that. She gives Alvin anything he wants. Sometimes when Alvin doesn't get ice cream because he was naughty she sneaks in the pantry with Alvin and feeds him her ice cream cone. I sure do love my only girl Clara. She is so special to me.