Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fashion Show

My sister-in-law Katrina and I were models in a fashion show for her friend Jen's boutique this weekend. We has so much fun. Her friend Jen's boutique is called Vintage Fox boutique. You can link to her site from my blog under "favorite sites" and it says "JChic" (the old name). She has really cute clothes.
Here is am in the basement waiting for the show to start with Katrina's friends who were in it too.

Here I am in my second outfit after the show. After the show we went to dinner and had some good food and good laughs.
Here I am walking in it. My mom was there and she was trying to take pictures and she kept yelling "wait stop right there. Let me get a picture right there." It was hard not to laugh.
Here are all the models in the show. Lot's of fun girls. It was a fun break from being a mom.

Parent day at Clara's Preschool

Last week was Parent Day at Clara's preschool and here she is sitting in her spot. Her teacher says every time they sit on the carpet squares Clara has to sit on the C square. She wouldn't even sit by me because she had to sit on the C square in the corner.

They sang a rain song while the parents squirted the umbrella with water.
We sat outside and watched the teacher release the butterflies that they had in their classroom. Clara loves butterflies. She always says she wants butterflies for her birthday coming up, but I don't really know what she wants. I just get her stuff with butterflies on it. Hopefully that is what she means.

They performed a play of the "Hungry Caterpillar". Here is where they came out as butterflies. You can find Clara if you look really hard in the middle back. She wouldn't do her other part of the play. She was suppose to be the strawberries, but she got stage fright. Clara is a little shy around other people. She is funny though because you would think if she was shy she would want me to be with her at school all the time, but when I drop her off she hates when I linger. She is always saying "When are you going to leave?" or "Can you leave now?" Her teacher says she is very particular too. She always knows what she wants and she won't let anyone tell her how to do it if she knows what to do. You would think a shy person would be too afraid to stick up for themselves. She is a lot like her mom, like I have said before. I was so much like her as a little girl.

Clara wouldn't sing or do the actions. She does this every time. Before parent day she told me she was going to sing this time and that she wasn't shy anymore, but when she got up there she got scared. I love to watch Clara in all that she does, because she is so unique. Look at the video she is the only one not singing. Sometimes it almost seems like she is too cool to sing, but who knows why kids do what they do. I will be so interested to see what this little girl turns into.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snow and a Sick Baby Make a Fun Spring Brake

So Reid has spring brake this week and this is what we woke up to... So much snow. Not only did I wake up to snow, but a baby with a fever which turned out to be the stomach flu with throw up. Let's just say I have had a bad couple of days. My husband was out of town which didn't help either. As sad as I was I tried to make it fun for Reid and Clara.
Here they are blowing bubbles on plates. Put about two drops of dish soap onto a plate pour a little water on the plate and them blow in the water with a straw. (it works best if you blow really slow) They loved it.

Here they are painting. We also cut out shapes with cookie cutters the first day and they decorated them with stickers and glitter (i didn't get a picture of that craft, because I was holding screaming, sick Alvin) Anyway, I can't wait for the warm weather.


We had a fun easter this year. On Saturday the kids and David went to our ward easter egg hunt, which I have no pictures of since I was home with Alvin asleep. I knew just taking the kids to the hunt was enough, so I didn't ask him to take pictures too. Easter morning the kids woke up to find the easter bunny had come and hid eggs all over the family room. We left carrots out for the easter bunny and in the morning Reid said the easter bunny came in his room and got a drink out of his sippy cup, because he was thirsty after eating the carrots. (Reid is a huge story teller, we never know when to believe him, because sometimes I can't imagine that he could make up some of the stories he tells)

Reid is so into Star Wars right now "he no longer likes cars". So he says. And Clara is starting to like My Little Ponies. So the easter bunny brought a Star Wars movie for Reid and a pony for Clara along with lots of candy.

We also colored eggs on Saturday. And this is how we like to eat them. I grew up eating them this way and so now my kids love them too. You mash the egg up with a fork heat it for about 30 sec. in the microwave, put butter, salt, and pepper on it and eat. Does anybody else eat it like this?

Ready for church in their easter outfits. Crazy face for Clara.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute pictures of Alvin

Alvin loves climbing up on things. As you can see he has climbed up on the dishwasher. For about 2 days we put the couch cushions on the floor and it entertained him for hours just climbing up and down the cushion. He is over it now, but it entertained him better than any toy ever has.

Alvin turned 1!!!

Alvin and his cousin Chloe turned 1 this month. Their birthdays are 4 days apart. I hate to say it, but it has been one of the hardest years of my life. This little sweet boy has been a very difficult baby. He is just a fussy guy. And I think being my 3rd child makes it really hard when the baby is fussy. Don't get me wrong I love him so much, but I can't lie and say how wonderful this year has been. He has his moments where he is so much fun and sweet, but then a lot of the time he is crying. I take him to the doctor at least once a month and nothing is ever wrong with him, he is just fussy. Anyway, usually these birthday posts are full of positive things about the birthday boy or girl, but this time is different. All my kids have been fussy babies, and they have all become such wonderful children, so I know Alvin will too. He has such a cute personality when he isn't crying:)
Here they are opening presents. Chloe opened hers, but Clara opened Alvin's. He had no interest in opening them.

He had more interest in the candle than the cupcake(I don't know why, because they were the best cupcakes. I made a barefoot contessa recipe for coconut cupcakes, but left out the coconut so the kids would like them more). Look at the cupcake getting smashed by his foot.

This is about all he wanted. One little nibble. If only I would have eaten one little nibble.

Party's all over, time to crawl around the floor together.

My friend/client's reception

My friend and client Bethany got married this month. She had the most beautiful reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and the yummiest food and cake. Bethany looked so beautiful. Her dress was amazing.