Friday, April 4, 2008


Alvin 3 days old.
Reid's turn to hold Alvin. He is always saying funny words to Alvin and says "he likes it". Today the word was qubo. Don't even ask because i don't know what it means.
Alvin 5 days old
Clara's turn to hold the baby. Now she really has a baby alive. She loves to bring the baby her toys. She brought a whole bag of her toys to the hospital for Alvin.


Brinton Family said...

She looks so dang Cute in this picture! Her hair looks like it is highlighted in the bangs even though it isnt she is so pretty! She is going to love being a sister because we know how she loves her dolls and babies!

Brinton Family said...

alvin is so cute! He has a little fow hawk! He has a lot of Dark Hair like Chloe!
I can't wait until we get pictures together on Sunday!! I am bringing my camera for sure!