Friday, April 4, 2008

Reid loves to make paper airplanes. Here are a few of the many types he makes. He has names for many of them as well. You would not believe how good they fly. Certain types fly all the way across a room perfectly. i have never made a paper airplane that flies like his do. Many times by the end of the day there are paper airplanes all over the house. He makes any picture he draws at school into a paper airplane and at the gym daycare all the kids are waiting their turn to have him make them a paper airplane. I ought to start charging money for them.
My kids are now fighting over who gets to hold Alvin. They both love to "help" . I sometimes just need them out of the way while i am helping the baby, but they are like little mice all around my body everywhere I take the baby there they are. They are having so much fun though.
Reid loves to play the drums. He never just pounds on them though he always plays a certain beat. He has always loved any kind of music.
Clara got baby alive for christmas and still to this day she tells people she got baby alive when they come into the house. It seems like baby alive's bottles and pacifiers are more often found in Clara's mouth than the doll's mouth.

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Amy M. said...

I'm impressed with Reid's paper airplane skills and car knowledge! Good Book of Mormon memory too. We need to get our girls together to play with their Baby Alives. Ella's has green food stuck on her face. I don't know if you have the one that eats, or the Wet n' Wiggles one, but the eating one is kind of messy, I've found.