Monday, November 17, 2008

Alvin is 7 months old

Alvin is 7 months old this month, he got his second tooth, and he is now sitting up. I love being able to give my kids a bath in the sink, so I was so glad when he starting sitting up so we could have a sink bath. Clara was pretty excited too. Evertime I am giving Alvin a bath sure enough Clara is right there ready to join. She is such a little mother to Alvin. It kills her to hear him cry. She tries so hard to get him to stop if I can't get to him. She is such a good little helper(most of the time :)).

Corn Bellys

On Nov. 1st we went to the last day of Corn Bellys at Thanksgiving point. I never knew it would be so fun. My kids loved it. There was so much to do we could have been there all day. Here they are playing with the water pumps.
Here is Clara in the Pumpkin Princesses carriage. Good thing the princess was taking a brake or she would have never come near it. She is so afraid of princesses. Don't ask me why. The Pumpkin Princess was handing out candy and Clara wouldn't take one.

Here they are in the wooden train.

Here they are on the Jumping Pillow. They loved this part. And so did David:).

Reid's favorite part were these cars that you pedal around a dirt race track. We had so much fun. The only bad part was when Clara peed her pants and so we took off Alvin's pants and had her wear them. David didn't believe me when I told him they would fit, and of course they did. They were like capris.