Friday, December 30, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I am so proud of the sweater I made for David for the ugly Christmas Party we went to this year at a neighbor's house.  I think he for sure had the ugliest one.  He didn't win, but he should have.  I am so mad that I didn't get a picture of myself in mine.  I had on a Christmas sweater vest.  It was hot:)
I took off the buttons on this DI special and put on these lovely mitten buttons. And don't forget to notice the wreaths on the pockets. And the best part was when he turned around to reveal this lovely Christmas tree on the back.
Here is is the beauty.  I made him pair it with the white pants and white turtle neck.  I had so much fun making a fool out of him.  He was a good sport to go along with it. 
Here he is checking out the party.  What a HOTTIE!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Arizona

This year we spent Christmas in Arizona with David's family.  The kids were in heaven with all of their cousins.  There are 11 cousins on that side of the family.  The oldest is 12 and the youngest is Dean who was 7 months.  The kids played, we shopped a little, we ate, and I always do people's hair.  It was a fun filled trip. 
We went to the railroad park one night.  During the month of Dec. they have a whole light show as you ride the train.  It was so cute. 
Reid, Tyler, Justin, Clara, Julia, and Alvin
Justin and Alvin are best buddies.  Reid and Tyler are such good friends so I am so glad Alvin has a cousin that he is sooo close with.  They hold hands everywhere they go and love being with each other.
Here we are ready for the train ride.  It took almost 2 hours in line.  Luckily the kids had lots of friends to entertain them.
There are 4 girls all around the same age and so we never saw them they were always off playing.
Alvin is always crossing his legs.  He looks so funny and all grown up.  I love his age right now even though he is sooo difficult sometimes he is sooo funny and cute.  He says the "f" sound for the "s" sound and so it is so cute to hear him talk.  When something is funny he says "that was so sunny" and when he passes gas he says "I sarted"  and when he says fish he says "shifies" it is so cute.  I am going to be sad when he learns the right way to say it. 
Dean got a rocking horse for David's aunt and uncle John and Martha.  Here he is trying it out.
Always lots of toys to put together and make work.
Santa always comes to the Hazars house during their Christmas eve party.  The kids are so excited.
Christmas morning opening presents.
Alvin loves to dress up which is totally different than my other kids.  Reid and Clara both hated it, but Alvin loves it.  Here he is in a super hero costume he got from Santa.
All the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. 
We got the do the nativity again with all the cousins.  We have to make up some of the parts especially for all the girls since they all want to be the "angel"  We have an "angel's sister" too.  Luckily Clara loves animals so she is always happy to be the donkey.
Dean has never seen so much activity.  But he looks bored don't you think:)

Friday, December 23, 2011

New Family Pics.

My sister-in-law is starting to do photography.  And she is amazing.  I am so excited that she took on the talent and that I can take advantage of her talent.  We got these pictures done in Arizona while we were visiting for Christmas in an orange grove in Mesa.  It was a great place to get pictures done.  We got some good shots.  Here is Alvin 3 years old.
Clara is 6 years old and wearing a skirt and a dress I made.  I first made the skirt from a pattern and thought to myself how cute would it be as a dress so i made up this dress for her.  They are a little high maintenance though because she has a hard time moving around too much in them.  And if you know Clara she is not a girlie girl and so she doesn't just sit in her dresses.  I gave her a matching doll dress for Christmas. 

Dean 7 months.

Reid 9 years old.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eddie the Elf on a shelf

Eddie our elf came to visit on Dec. 1st to make sure the kids behave so he can report to Santa if they don't.  With all the help from pinterest I got so many fun ideas for Eddie to do in the night when he came to life.  Here he had made a snow angel out of sugar. 

Here he made doughnuts for breakfast.  Chocolate with sprinkles and powdered sugar.  I loved this one and so did my kids.  They had no idea they were really cheerios.  It was so cute to see them eat each one and say "mmmmm, Eddie makes good doughnuts."

Here Eddie played a trick on the kids and hung their underwear where they usually hung their stockings.  He even hung Dean's diaper.
Here he made himself a bed with some tissues.
And another night a hammock with daddy's sock.
Here he was fishing for goldfish in the toilet.
Stuck in the jar.
He made a cake!

It was yummy just like the doughnuts.
He made a house out of the Christmas books. and he was reading a book inside. Below he made a gingerbread house.
He made a snowman out of marshmallows.

The night before we left to Arizona he waited by the door with his bag packed.
We stayed in mesquite on the way to Arizona and in the hotel we found him in the shower with towels wrapped on him.
He hid amongst the stuffed animals and grandma and grandpa's house in Arizona.
He also hung from the mistletoe.
On Christmas morning he left a trail of kisses leading the the toys Santa left.