Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sew many projects

I made this necklace from a pin on pinterest for my mom for her birthday.  Those are my kids' profiles and my niece Chloe's too.  A Grandma necklace.
I can't stop sewing.  Just when I get burned out from sewing I get the sewing bug again.  I made a dress like this for my friends daughter and when we went to pick out the fabric I had to buy enough to make it for Clara too.
Lot's of neighbor's and friends are having babies these days so I have been making booties for the babies.  I love these little stripeys.

Dress for my bestie's new baby Sophia.
My favorite thing I have made lately are these sear sucker outfits for my kids. Shorts for Alvin, dress for Clara and overalls for Dean.   I can't get over these.  I was having a VonTrapp moment.  I have always loved the part of The Sound of Music when Maria makes all the VonTrapp kids matching clothes out of the curtains and so I tried to recreate it by making matching sear sucker outfits.  .
All three outfits cost me only $12.  WHAT A DEAL!! If only it didn't take 10 hours of my time. LOL!
 Clara's dress has 2 layers and the top layer cinches up with a ribbon.
Okay so I have never done anything like this before and half way through thought that maybe I shouldn't have ever done anything like this, but when I finished I was so glad I did it.  The top is the before picture. And the bottom is the after.  I bought these chairs on KSL for $25 each and had a vision for them and this is what my vision was.....
I found a tutorial on Little Green Notebook Blog.  I pulled out all the staples from before, and painted the chair and made the piping and then re stapled the new fabric to the chair.  We had built-ins put in our office which you can see behind the chair and so I needed chairs to put at the desk(which I also found on KSL and had it painted to match the cabinets) This room is so functional now.  It has lockers, shoe drawers,  file drawers, and tons of storage.  I will have to post a better picture once I decorate it all.  
Anyway, I am so glad I did these chairs, because the room is looking more like I imagined it in my head.  

I also painted this little Ikea stool to keep in the room for an extra seat or to get up in the higher cabinets.  I am loving black and white stripes these days so I am slowly throwing in a touch of black and white stripes here and there.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We went to the Draper Easter egg hunt this year.  I told the kids we were going to an Easter egg hunt and that the Easter Bunny would be there.  And Clara said "ewwww!! I hope it's not the creepy one with the long skinny neck!!" "He creeps me out!"  I had no idea there was a long necked Easter Bunny that she knew of. But apparently she knows of one and remembers it clearly.  We didn't end up seeing the Easter bunny, but we did see a skinny Elmo. 

Sunday Easter outfits.  I made Clara's dress and added a scalloped hem.  It adds a cute detail.  It was tricky though making the scallops even. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warm days outside

It has been so nice here in Utah.  We get to play outside tons.  Here we played out on the tramp and shot squirt guns. 

I had to add this shot of Clara because this is a face that she does a lot.  I love it!

Clara is still such a sweet sister to Alvin.  I thought once Dean was born that Alvin would be left in the dust, but she still feels so bad when Alvin is sad and also helps Dean.  Even though I only have one girl I at least got the perfect girl.