Monday, January 31, 2011

New Pictures of My Kids

My sister-in-law Michelle has picked of a new hobby of photography. I could not be more excited about this. She is awesome at it too. She definitely has a natural talent for it. I am so happy how my pictures turned out. When I was in Arizona I did her hair and for payment she took my kids pictures. It was perfect. I was so due for some good pictures of my kids too. Here they are Clara is now 5, Reid is 8, and Alvin is 2.


After Christmas this year we surprised the kids with a disneyland trip. We didn't tell them til after Christmas so that it wouldn't take away from the excitement of Christmas and so we didn't have to hear them asking us everyday "How many more days til we go to Disneyland?" We had a lot of fun despite the fact that we all got sick while we were there. David was sick 2 days before we left and it hit him hard while we were there. Reid had it a week before so he was pretty much better and Clara woke up the day we left with a fever so she had it the whole time and Alvin pretty much had a fever the whole time too. David, finally after being up every night coughing had to go find an instacare and go on an antibiotic. And then the next day we finally brought Clara to the instacare because she had been complaining the last 3 days of her ears hurting. (note that we didn't have a car to do all of this) I didn't want her to miss a day of disneyland so I pushed her in the stroller and jogged the whole way to the instacare at 6am in the morning, oh and don't forget that I am 5 months pregnant at this time too. Luckily I didn't get the sickness until the last day so I was the care taker for everyone, even though being pregnant is a sickness in itself:) Clara ended up with both ears being infected and Alvin ended up with one ear infection(which we didn't take him to the doctor until we got home) oh and by the way our insurance doesn't cover out of state doctors so let's just say we spent a lot of money on medical stuff this trip. We were there for 5 days so we did end up with some good days through it all and the weather was nice and it wasn't crowded. I will still look back on the trip and say we had a fun time even though we were all sick. Disneyland is always magical even when you are sick:)
Clara was so excited that she finally got to see Tinkerbell. Last time we went they didn't have a Tinkerbell character and Tinkerbell is Clara's favorite. "She doesn't like princesses" What little girl doesn't like princesses? She has always been somewhat of a tomboy.
Waiting for the bugs life show. Every time I take my kids to this show I forget how scary it is. Big black widow spiders coming down from the ceiling, bees stinging, bugs crawling on your seat, and a big mean grasshopper. Let's just say they didn't trust me when I told them the next show we went to wasn't scary.

I look like I am ready for a blizzard in these pictures. The first 2 days were colder, but still nice, but I am such a wimp in the cold that I need to always be bundled up. I look kind of silly next my my husband and kids without coats on. At least Alvin will wear a coat.

Reid went on every ride this year. His favorite ride was splash mountain(Dave had to take him on it like 10 times), but he also liked space mountain and the Matterhorn. He wasn't sure how he liked the Tower of Terror and Screamin over California. He for sure didn't ask to go again. He was a brave boy to do them all though. Clara is pretty scared when it comes to rides, but I can already tell Alvin will be our most daring. He will put his arms up on the toon town roller coaster already. So funny to see.

Sewing projects

It's that time of year when I sew all sorts of Christmas presents. Although, my sewing days have become spread out all through the year now, but it is definitely more during the holidays. This year Clara got an American Girl Doll for Christmas and so I made a dress for it that matched Clara's Christmas dress I made this year. It was so much fun making a tiny one.
Since I am having a baby boy I have started to sew more boy stuff now that I am going to have 3 boys. Although, I couldn't help but make a girl pair. The boy pairs are reversible that is why they are each different so you could see the 2 sides.
See I am making boy stuff. Pants for Alvin.
Another pair for Alvin. Harlem pants. You can't see, but they have cute pockets on the bum.

Reversible ties for Reid and Alvin.
Skirt for my niece Chloe.
Dress for my niece Cali's Christmas present.

Clara and Chloe's Christmas dresses.

Every year since I was 7 I have sewn a present for my mom for Christmas. It is my favorite tradition. Last year I made a Christmas table runner and so this year a made a tree skirt to match it.
Dress I made for my niece Kate's Christmas present.

New Year in Arizona

No this is not the same picture as last year or the year before, but it looks the same every year. All the Hazar grand kids up on the fireplace in the nativity costumes. This year there are 10 grand kids next year there will be 11 after my little boy comes out. Alvin is missing in this picture he was asleep.

Here are all 10 Hazar Grandchildren. There are 10 under the age of 11. We had a fun year in Arizona. We were there for New Years and it was warmer than Utah, but we didn't have great weather for Arizona, but I will take anything warmer. The kids have a ball together. It is pretty crazy at Grandma Candace's house with all of these kids running around.

Christmas and Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas in Utah. We switch off every other year going to Arizona to be with David's family. Here the kids are riding Alvin's plasma car and 4 wheeler. Alvin got all the fun ride on things. The funniest thing is to see Alvin on the 4 wheeler, he zips around on it so fast.

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Brinton's. Alvin got silly bands.
Reid so excited.
Clara got her leapster 2 she was dying for. We also did the nativity with the grand kids, played games, and had a yummy dinner. Christmas morning my mom came over for presents and then my 2 brothers and sister-in-law came over for my traditional Christmas morning breakfast of "French Toast dipped croissants" they are to die for.

Christmas Time

My kids all still believe in Santa. However, Reid is starting to catch on. He asks me all sorts of questions about how Santa could ever do what he does in one night. They were some hard questions. His little brain is ticking.
Reid's first time making a snowman by himself.

Reid on Alvin's shoulders (with a little help from Uncle Packie)

Live Nativity in Draper that we have now gone to for the past 2 years. Here the kids are standing in front of the live camels.

Getting ready to go into Bethlehem. Reid was in trouble so he pretended he was asleep.

Christmas time at Gardner Village. I just love this place. It has such a fun feeling. I am there a lot and my kids love it too.