Sunday, June 29, 2008

New haircut

I got my haircut this week (thanks Destiny you did an awesome job). I love it. No more spitup in my hair, no more grabbing my hair, no more long hairs falling out, no more ponytails everyday, and it looks cute :).
Picture from the side.

Funny kids

Alvin loves to be in his crib and look at his mobile so I put him in there at least once a day while I get stuff done around the house (i have to keep coming back in to wind up the mobile about every 5 minutes, but hey I'll do whatever I can for a break) anyway today I went in to wind it up and this is what I saw. Clara loves her little brother.
Today at Church
Today during the sacrament Reid took three pieces of bread. So after he shoved them all in his mouth I said to him "Reid, you're only suppose to take one piece!" and he responded "there was just too many I couldn't decide." I tried not to laugh. I remeber as a kid trying to pick the biggest piece of bread and then when I thought I got the biggest one spotting a bigger one and wishing I could put the one I had back and pick the other. If any of you know me at all, I am still the same way. I still look for the biggest one when it comes to food. It always takes me like 5 minutes to pick out a rice crispie treat at Noodles and Co. because I want to make sure I get the biggest one.

Reid rides a two wheeler

We took Reid's training wheels off at the beginning of this week, and on his first try he just took off riding. He has been begging us to let him ride a two wheeler for months and I kept telling him "Not yet" because I was dreading teaching him and having him fall off and get all scraped up, but I guess I should have tried it earlier since he was obviously ready.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swim lessons

My kids are in swim lessons this week and the next. They are loving it. I was worried that Clara would be scared to do them, but she wasn't and the experience has been good so far. We have stayed at the pool after the lessons as well the past 3 days. And that was definately an adventure with 3 kids. The first day my mom came with me, but the kids loved it so much that they wanted to go everyday after that. I felt like I was playing the where's waldo game the whole time. Clara stays right by me, but Reid likes to go further away. So I am just constantly tracking him down. I had Alvin in my bjorn and Clara in her water wings so we could walk around to keep track of Reid. Although today I ran to my seat to get some sunscreen and came back and Clara was gone. I walked all around the pool for about 5 minutes and still couldn't find her. The tears started to come and I started to pray over and over, and then I hear the lifeguard over the intercom say "we have a lost girl who looks like she is about 3 years old...." and sure enough it was her. I guess when I ran to get the sunscreen Clara didn't see me so she started crying and someone thought she was lost and brought her to the front to a lifeguard. SO SCARY! I hate that kind of stuff. It makes you realize how easy it would be for someone to take your kids.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Orem Fest

I wanted to write this so someday I can look back and see how I did anything with 3 kids. So this might be boring for some people, but I thought it was interesting to see all I did in 2 days, so feel free to skip this long story. I don't know about you, but our Saturdays have been jam packed with activities lately. This weekend was crazy busy. Here is my Friday... I went to the gym in the morning at 9am and the kids went to the gym daycare and since I wasn't going to be home the rest of the day I had to get everything ready for the day before the gym so it was a crazy morning trying to get the kids ready. Plus I hate to leave my house dirty so the house had to be picked up as well. So I went to the gym and I showered and got ready there, because we went straight to my parent's afterwards. I then cut my dad's hair, my brother's hair, and one of my client's hair. I ate lunch, nursed the baby and then we went to the zoo. I rushed the kids through the zoo so we could see it all. By the time we got back to my parent's house it was 5:30pm and on my way home I went to Naartjie because I had a coupon I wanted to use. I got home at around 7:30, ate dinner, and put the kids to bed. The next day(Sat.) I got up and ran 5 miles with my friend and got home and David went to the gym as I got myself and the kids ready. Again I have to tidy the house before I left. I then took them by myself to the Orem Carnival at 10am. I was there by myself for 2 hours, while David worked out and went to Costco, then he came to the carnival and I left him there with the kids because I had a massage appointment. I got done with the massage and picked up Jamba Juice and brought it to the carnival. We then went straight to Reid's T-ball game. Then we went to the library(we usually go every sat.) and then straight to dinner, and then home, and put the kids to bed. CRAZY DAYS. It was fun though. Here are some pictures of the Orem Fest: Reid and Clara with the Delorean. As you can imagine Reid was in heaven looking at the cars on display.
Here they are with the Viper.
Here's Reid with the corvette. He made me take pictures of him with the cars at many different angles. These are only a few of the pictures I took.
He sat in the fire truck and the ambulance for a long time, and he asked the firefighters and paramedics all kinds of questions.

Here I am with my kids out in front of one of the rides. Here is a video of Reid and Clara on one of the rides.

Happy Father's Day

This is my Dad, Reid Brinton. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man as a father. He has always been such a good example to me and my brothers. Many of you know my mom has rheumatoid arthritis so he had to help out a lot when we were young. And he did. I remember him laughing at me when i tried to teach him how my mom put my barretts in my hair when my mom didn't feel good(because i was so particular) My mom says he is always trying to give her a ride on his back to the bathroom when she is in a lot of pain. He loves my mom so much and that has always been such a comfort to me. I always felt so secure with him as my dad. He is also always the last to leave a function, because he wants to help clean up. I remember him always shoveling the neighbors driveways along with ours. I remember my grandma giving him lists of things he needed to do around her house and him happily doing the tasks. If i had to say one thing I learned from my dad it would be service. He is the perfect example of being willing to help others. I know my dad would do anything for me. I love you Dad!
This is my husband and the Father of my kids, David Hazar. He is the most loving person I know. He has so much compassion, he is so nonjudgemental, and he is so forgiving. He always makes me feel so loved and beautiful. He tells me at least twice a day how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. He also, like my dad, is always willing to serve others. He would serve a lot more if I didn't want him home with me :) I wish he could be home with me all the time. Even when I am mad at him I want him in the same room with me. And I can't stay mad for too long, because he always knows how to make me happy again. He is such a great father. My kids love him. They always want their dad when they get hurt because he has a lot more compassion than I do. He plays lots of fun games with them which they love as well. He has made up names for all the games that my kids know, but there are so many different ones that I can't keep them straight. I know one of them is called "Open Sesame". I bought David a weed wacker for father's day a couple of weeks ago because it was on sale and I told the kids not to tell Daddy about it because it was a surprise for father's day, and as you can imagine the first thing Clara said when she saw her dad was "Daddy we got you a weed wacker!" So he got his father's day present early. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man as my husband. I love him so much.
This is my father-in-law, James Hazar. He is such a loving grandpa to my children. He is always such a generous person. He loves to do things for us and make us happy. He also loves to see us having a good time, or enjoying a good meal. He loves to take me to eat because I always enjoy myself :). Anybody who feeds me makes me happy (haha). My kids love him so much. They are always talking about how excited they are to play with "Jido"(we call him "jido" which means grandpa in lebanese, because David's grandpa is lebanese and that is what david called his grandpa). I feel so lucky to have such a great father-in-law who taught my husband how to work and love others. Thanks Jim!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Baby Girl Turns 3.

Clara turns 3 tomorrow. I love having her as my little girl. We are so much alike. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. At least she will always know how to get her way :). She is such an affectionate little girl. She can't go too long without cuddling with someone. She loves her brothers. She is always sharing with Reid and she can't keep her hands off Alvin. She loves her sippy cups and her blanket. She is always carrying them with her everywhere. She loves to play with Reid, so she pretty much plays with cars more than her girl toys. The other day she was digging through all the cars and crying histerically saying "I can't find the Pontiac." She is always volunteering for everything. Everytime we ask who wants this?, or who did this?, or who will do this? she always yells "ME!" She is up for anything. She also offers such beautiful prayers. Sometimes we have to tell her to end it because they can go on forever. She is such a help around the house. She will clean up when she is asked, throw stuff away when she is finished with it, she will get her own clothes on by herself, and much more. I love her so much I can hardly stand it. I often find myself just starring at her and watching her every move. I am so glad she is part of our family.

Clara's 3rd Birthday Party

Today was Clara's 3rd birthday. She wanted a hello kitty party so this is what we did...
We had a hello kitty cake,
We played pin the bow on the kitty,
We face painted hello kitty on the kids' faces, (when i asked reid if he wanted one on his face he said.."hello kitty, eww gross" he is already thinking girl stuff is gross. I think his best friend Coleman who was there wanted one on his face, but he had to follow what his friend reid was going to do. He kept looking at reid before he would answer me when I asked if he wanted one.)
Clara and her friend Ellie, sipping cherry 7up with whip cream on top.
We made hello kitty pizzas and ate them. (we set the fire alarm off baking them too, that was fun.)
This is the one I made, the other ones didn't look so much like hello kitty, but they tried.

We had a hello kitty pinata
Reid broke it.
Reid's first hit knocked the body off the head so here is the headless kitty so the other kids could have a turn.
My dad is always thinking of funny things he can do and this is one of them.... after we were done with the pinata he opened up the head and put it on reid's head, and said, "okay, who's next to hit the pinata?"
Here are the party kids. Triston, Ellie, Reid, Coleman, Joely, Clara, Paige, Cameron, and Talitha.

We ate cake and ice cream. Even though Clara spit on it :).(see video above.) I have a client/friend who gave me some great tips for making cakes. She use to teach cake decorating classes and she is famous for her gingerbread houses. Anyway she told me to frost the cake first with melted white chocolate and let it harden and them frost the cake to eliminate crumbs in the frosting. it worked great. Thanks Charlotte!

After the party we took Clara to build a bear. Grandma and Grandpa Hazar said they would get it for her, she was so excited.
We kept telling her she could get whatever she wanted. the shoes, the purse. the underwear, the clothes, but she just wanted the bear with hello kitty pj's. Just like herself. She loves to be in her jammies. And we have a hard time getting her to wear shoes. She named her bear "Heart Girl".

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 2008

We went to my parents on Sunday and celebrated Clara's Birthday early. Her birthday is on the 8th and we are having a b-day party with her friends on the 7th. She can hardly wait. Alvin and Chloe are 2 months old. Here they are with outfits they gots from my dad's brother and wife.

Clara got a princess scooter and baby doll from grandma and grandpa. She has been asking for a princess scooter ever since Reid got a scooter in Oct. for his birthday.
Here she is trying to ride it with grandpa. Here are my cute kids. I started back at the gym this week. My kids love the gym daycare, and so do I. They have lots of friends they see everyday there so they really missed them since i had Alvin. I go everyday at 9am, because that is when my favorite classes are. Mon. is a step class, Tues. is a spin class, Wed. is a kickboxing class, Thurs. is a weight lifting class, and Fri. is a half step half kickboxing class. I have so much fun doing them. It is such a good break for me. I did these classes before I had Alvin and so I missed going to them. I am glad to be back.