Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip to Arizona

David's brother blessed his new baby girl over Labor Day weekend and so we took a trip to Arizona so that we could be there. The kids were in heaven with all their cousins. There are now 9 kids under the age of 9, and there is one on the way very soon. Here is Reid reunited with his BFF Tyler. They are 3 years apart, but they have had a connection ever since Reid was just a tiny baby. They are a lot alike. They have so much fun together and they still hold hands. We keep wondering when that will stop. It is so cute, but we know when they get older they will be too cool for that.
Hanging out at Grandma and Jido's house.

Of course doing hair at Grandma and Jido's house.

Playing with all the billions of toys at Grandma and Jido's house.

Playing Wii at Grandma and Jido's house.

And of course taking the famous waterfall shot at Grandma and Jido's house.
Oh and wearing the wigs and hats at Grandma and Jido's house.

The whole Hazar Fam at the blessing of Mackenzie Candace Hazar. My brother-in-law TJ gave the most beautiful blessing. The spirit was so strong. His wife Carrie, my sister-in-law, bore the most beautiful testimony as well. It is so nice to hear each other's testimony's of the gospel since we don't get to hear them all the time even though we should be sharing them all the time.

Here we are at dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in Scottsdale. The White Chocolate Grill. Everything is good there. I like this picture because you can see how big the family is getting, we need 2 big tables to fit us all.

It was still really hot there so we spent Labor Day swimming at a family member's house. The kids had diving contests (oh wait that was Carrie and Chad:)), they played water games, and they were thrown up in the air by their dads. All fun.

Again the big Hazar Fam(minus Grandma, Jido and new baby).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Pictures

My sister-in-law Katrina was out of town and so my mom watched Chloe and so she brought her over for the day. We had so much fun with her. We really wore her out. She slept for over 3 hours in the dark basement in a port-a-crib. At least we think she slept that long because when we went to finally check on her we opened the door to look inside and there she was standing in the crib in the pitch black room not even making a peep. So who knows how long she was awake.

This was the kids playing outside one morning in sept. Alvin loves to just be in his diaper. Look at his cute little body.

Here they are looking for the neighbor's cat in their driveway.

Here they are at a condo in park city. My parents stayed there for a week and we went up one Sunday because David was out of town. They loved the bunk bed.

A very late first day of school

As you can see I am way behind with my blog. I haven't been taking very many pictures lately and I haven't been posting the ones I have. Anyway here is Reid and Clara's first day of school. Clara has the same teacher that she had last year, but it is at a different school this year, because they canceled the UVU preschool she went to last year. She loves it just the same. It is at Orem elementary so she feels like she is like Reid now that she is going to a real school. A lot of the equipment is the same as last year and so she still sits on the same "C" square on the rug. Every time I come to pick her up and the class is on the rug sitting she is in the far corner on top of the "C" square. She has 5 teachers because 3 of them are student teachers from UVU and so she loves all the attention. Every time I drop her off she walks in like everyone is watching her every move and she kind of shows off when she walks in. She is a lot more outgoing this year.

Reid is in first grade this year and he also started a french immersion program which he loves. Half of his day is all french and half is in english, and once he is in the 3rd grade all of his day will be in french. Reid is really good at immitating sounds so I think this will be a good thing for him. He has transitioned pretty well into a full day of school. He never complained although for about 2 weeks he came home from school in the worst mood. He was so cranky. He is getting a lot better now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures done this year by one of my best friends from high school, Jill Tew. She did such a good job. I love them. Here is her blog if anybody wants to use her. We got a lot of good pictures, even though Reid fell in the beginning of the shoot and so he was very difficult because he was crying a lot of the time, but we managed to at least get a couple of him not crying. Clara was good so you will see there are a lot more of her than the other difficult boys. It was all worth it though. David my tell you differently, but to me it is always worth a good picture.

I bought this t-shirt dress for $10 and I made the apron to sew onto it. I stress so much about the outfits in pictures. I not only want them to look just right, but also I am a tight wad and so I try to do it and spend little to no money. David dies at me. It is the artist in me that wants it to be just right.
Clara always does this dance when a song she likes comes on. She points her 2 fingers up in the sky and sways side to side to the music. It is a pretty fun dance:) I usually join in with her.