Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Alvin 1 month old

Alvin is one month old. He is getting bigger so fast. He looks like a little man. He still isn't sleeping through the night. He has a couple better nights amoungest the bad ones so maybe that is a sign. He is still taking the pacifier unlike my other kids and so far takes a bottle unlike my other kids. so hopefully he will keep taking it and not stop at 3 months like my other kids did. I am starting to feel a little more adjusted. I kind of have a little system going now and somewhat of a schedule at least in the morning.
He was actually giving me a couple of smiles while i was taking these pictures and that is the first time he has done that awake.

Clara once again wanting to be a baby. She is in the bouncer more than Alvin is. And once again there she is with her "Baby Alive's" pacifier. She uses it more than "baby alive". She also is always giving Alvin his pacifier and wiping his month. Thus he always has a clean face.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Babies

I couldn't resist testing my bjorn to the limits. I just couldn't go very long with these big babies in it. This bjorn has definitly been worth every penny I spent. (or my friends who bought it for me spent). I use it so much with each of my kids. They have all spent many hours in this thing. And Alvin will soon spend his fair share in it as well. This is one of my must have baby items. I have found some things this baby that are my new favorites. One is the Hooter Hider. It covers my hooters when I am nursing in public. Best thing ever. And another favorite is My Brest Friend. It holds the baby up while I am nursing. It makes it very comfortable while nursing. Katrina just gave it to me and I am loving it so far.

Your Boob just hit me in the elbow: Miss USA

I saw this happen while watcing the Miss USA pageant and I thought it was pretty funny. I just had to share it with you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alvin and Chloe 3 weeks old

Alvin is 3weeks old and Chloe is almost 4. They are both pretty good babies. Chloe is sleeping a lot better than Alvin in the night. Partly because i am lazy and just nurse Alvin all night. I fall asleep while nursing and then wake up when it is time to feed again. I might set a timer tonight to wake me up before the next feeding. David will be loving the buzzer going off. We went to my mom's today and it is so fun to have the 2 babies around. It is hard to tell their little noises apart. When we hear a cry we have to always ask "was that mine or yours". I am always glad when it isn't mine. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I tried to get a cute picture of the 3 kids together, but it was so tricky to get them all doing a good face. This was the best one. Avin is a week and a half old.
My kids are quite the little babysitters for Alvin. I was cleaning around the house and when I came back to see the kids this is what I saw. They brought all their stuffed animals to entertain Alvin.
Here they are proud of what they had done. Reid is quite a help with Alvin. He holds him on the couch and gives him a pacifier when he is crying. It helps me to get things done around the house.
Alvin in his bath. 2 weeks old. He cried the 1st week during his bath so i never got a 1st bath picture, but now he kind of likes it. All my kids have hated their baths until their belly button scab falls off and then the very next day when i give them a bath they like it. It's magic.
Reid performing for the parents in his preschool.(4/15/08) This is his last week of preschool. He gets pretty bored on the days he doesn't have school so i will have to figure out some fun things to do this summer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alvin and Chloe

Alvin and Chloe finally meet. These cousins are 4 days apart in age. Chloe was born 4 days before Alvin. We went to my parents today for dinner with both babies. It is fun having Katrina in my same boat. We can complain together about all the not so fun things you go through as a new mother. Katrina is such a wonderful sister-in-law I couldn't have picked a better person for my brother to marry. We have so much in common, and she is the one of the sweatest people i know. It is so much fun to see her as a mother. She is already such a natural. My kids adore her as an aunt, so I can only imagine what a perfect mother she will be for Chloe.

Reid, Clara, and Alvin

Like i said before Reid loves cars. He loves to go to the library and check out car books. I think we have checked out every possible car book there. Yesterday we had to go to the adult section because we have already checked out all the car books in the children's and the juvenile section. He wants us to read them to him and i have to say they are pretty boring and long. He has been known to correct me when i say a certain type of car wrong. Like the Murcielago Lamborghini. I put the accent in the wrong place i guess, according to Reid.
Clara is loving all this baby stuff around. She has always wanted to be a baby. Now she can play with all of Alvin's stuff.
So far Alvin is a pretty good baby. He does like to be held, but I don't have to bounce him the whole time like i did with Reid when he was a baby. He wakes up about every three hours at night which I can live with.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Funny thing Reid said:

The other day when i was cutting Reid's hair I was drilling in his head that he should never cut anybody's hair. I made sure that he knows how sharp my scissors are and that you have to go to school to cut people's hair or you might cut their skin. (hoping to prevent any accidents later) He sat there and thought for a little bit and then said. "Moroni's soldier didn't go to school to cut hair did he mommy. Because he cut Zerahemnah's scalp when he cut his hair." Very surprised he remembered the story we read in the Book of Mormon. I just answered "no he did not, good example of what could happen if you cut someone's hair without going to school first." Also he once asked... "Why do some people have dark skin?" I said "I don't know they were just born that way." then he thinks again and says..."I know it is because heavenly father made their skin dark in the Book of Mormon." He really ponders the scriptures.


Alvin 3 days old.
Reid's turn to hold Alvin. He is always saying funny words to Alvin and says "he likes it". Today the word was qubo. Don't even ask because i don't know what it means.
Alvin 5 days old
Clara's turn to hold the baby. Now she really has a baby alive. She loves to bring the baby her toys. She brought a whole bag of her toys to the hospital for Alvin.
Reid loves to make paper airplanes. Here are a few of the many types he makes. He has names for many of them as well. You would not believe how good they fly. Certain types fly all the way across a room perfectly. i have never made a paper airplane that flies like his do. Many times by the end of the day there are paper airplanes all over the house. He makes any picture he draws at school into a paper airplane and at the gym daycare all the kids are waiting their turn to have him make them a paper airplane. I ought to start charging money for them.
My kids are now fighting over who gets to hold Alvin. They both love to "help" . I sometimes just need them out of the way while i am helping the baby, but they are like little mice all around my body everywhere I take the baby there they are. They are having so much fun though.
Reid loves to play the drums. He never just pounds on them though he always plays a certain beat. He has always loved any kind of music.
Clara got baby alive for christmas and still to this day she tells people she got baby alive when they come into the house. It seems like baby alive's bottles and pacifiers are more often found in Clara's mouth than the doll's mouth.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arrival of Alvin Mitchell Hazar

Here I am on my way to the hospital around 2:30am March 31st. I am wearing this cute outfit because i have a towel between my legs because my water broke around 12:30am march 31st so i had to wear a skirt with my pj top and the shoes were just easy to put on.
here i am at the hospital. we got there at 3am i was dialated to a 3. by the time i was a 5 an hour later i got my epidural and it was easy from there on out. the Baby was born at 7:39am march 31st.
this is baby Alvin Mitchell Hazar he weighed 8lbs 3ozs and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Here we are as a whole family. David, Clara, Nabby Alvin, and Reid
Here is Alvin's first bath.
Reid and Clara loved to watch. Reid kept saying look at his elliptical cord(that's when you know i work out too much) and Clara said when someone asked "does he have any hair?" Clara said "does he have eyes?"

Reid was so excited to have a brother. we all thought Clara would be the one more excited, but she seemed a little affected by the fact that she wasn't the baby anymore. Reid said "Alvin is the cutest baby in the town." and when he got a shot and didn't cry Reid said "How could a baby that small be so brave?" he is a proud big brother.
Clara and my mom Vickie Brinton. My mom watched my kids while we were in the hospital. She said it wouldn't be so hard if i didn't have to put their shoes on about 50 times a day. Tell me about it especially with a big pregnant belly.

David's mom candace hazar. Alvin was born on her birthday so she was so excited. She got her birthday wish.

My brother Chauncy and the baby.

Daddy and the kiddies.

Getting ready the leave the hospital.