Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

We went to thanksgiving point yesterday. This is the first time Clara dared to ride a pony. Yeah Clara!!
Reid always has to have the biggest pony. This time he had is arms up in the air like he was on a rollercoaster. What talent. He was pretty proud of himself.
Chloe and Alvin in twin outfits. Katrina bought this for Alvin. I think it is the cutest outfit ever. They are 2 months old.
Here we are the proud mothers.
You can't see it in the picture, but it says prince and princess on the back of their rompers.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alvin 2 months

Alvin is now 2 months. As you can tell his face is looking a lot better, although today he woke up and it was getting bad again, so I took him into the doctor again which this time was my regular pediatrician(and last time it was the on call doctor) and my pediatrician immediately said it was infected and gave me an antibiotic to give him. I was so bugged that the other doctor said it was only baby acne, when it looked nothing like baby acne. So he could have been treated 5 days ago when he first got it. He should be getting better now. He is smiling so much now. I can't wait for more.
Reid and Clara still can not get enough of their new baby brother. I thought it would wear off by now, but they are still just as excited about having him in our family.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Acne Gone Bad

Poor little baby Alvin. In person his face looked so much worse. I kept taking pictures to try and capture how bad it looked, but it never looked as bad in the picture. He has had a little baby acne for the past 2 weeks under his chin and this weekend it went way wrong. Saturday morning i could tell some dry parts on his chin were ready to peel off and others not so ready. i also noticed his cheeks starting to get worse acne. by the afternoon from being hot and in his carseat it had irritated it and being too moist a lot of it started to break open and just start to ooze like crazy. then Alvin kept hitting it with his hands and making a lot more of it open up. he was oozing so bad his whole shirt around the neck was yellow with pus. I know that sounds so gross, but it was. I could barely look at him or hold him. We took him to the dr. to make sure it wasn't infected or some weird skin disease, but it was just a bad case of acne. He is so much better now. it is almost gone just 2 days later, but when it was like these pictures it seemed like my little boy would never be the same. I was so sad for him.

I was pumping and giving him bottles because the pus would get all over my arm if I nursed him. Gross huh.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alvin 7 weeks

Alvin is 7 weeks this week. He is getting so big. He is my biggest baby so far. He is a pretty good baby. I still am yet to get a baby that only cries when hungry. Alvin is still pretty easy going. He is already pretty strong. He is always trying to hold his head up. He likes to look up in the sky. He likes the pacifier, which is very helpful. Neither of my other kids liked it. He likes the swing, his mobile, and the baby bjorn. He is smiling more and more each day. We love him so much already, and can't imagine not having him.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chloe's baby blessing

Here is Porter my brother and his daughter Chloe. Today is her blessing day. She had the cutest blessing dress ever.
Here is my mom, Chloe, and Clara at my parents neighborhood clubhouse.

Here is my Dad holding the little ones.
The proud Grandparents.
Porter Blessed Chloe today. It was such a special blessing. There were many happy tears. I was so proud of my brother as a dad. He is such a loving father. He is so in love with his little girl.

We went to the club house by my parents house afterwards to eat lunch, and when we told our kids we were going to the clubhouse, they wondered if mickey mouse was going to be there. (if you don't have kids, there is a show called mickey mouse clubhouse). I had to include all the pictures of the kids, because the faces of the little ones are so funny especially Chloe. The babies are now 7 weeks.

My very favorite picture. I laugh everytime i see these last 3 pictures. Reid and Clara were holding them and as we were taking pictures they kept getting more and more smashed together. Katrina and i had to let it happen because we started to see the funniest faces ever. David pointed out that Alvin probably thinks Chloe's cheek is my breast. He's trying to suck her face. We couldn't stop laughing when we looked at the pictures we both took.

Reid's T ball game

Saturday we went to Reid's t ball game. My camera died so i didn't get any pictures of the actual game, but next game i will. He loves to play. I can't tell if he likes the game or just making his buddies laugh. Last game he was carrying a worm around and putting it in everyone's face. Then he made his hat as big as it goes and shows all the kids. This week the coach had to keep yelling to him to run to the next base, because he was having a conversation with the players from the other team in the field, or he was checking out the base and how it worked. He bats left handed, but throws right handed. Which could be a good thing. He does a decent job, but he just loves to play with his friends.
David and Alvin watching the game.
Clara playing at the game. She gets a little bored and usually has to go to the bathroom at one point during the game. I was known when i was younger (not so young actually) for just squatting to pee outside if i had to go bad enough, so i have made Clara do it on occasion. Then the other day at the park I look over and there she is squatting next to a tree peeing right in the open. like mother like daughter, but at least I found a place where i was hidden.
He is always looking all around.

Reid's first words every morning

Almost every morning Reid comes in our room rather early and says..."That's as much as I can sleep mommy." I just thought it was a funny way to say it.

Funny Clara story

Clara is very intense when she wants something. As soon as she wants it, she wants it NOW! And she makes if very loud and clear. So many times before we give it to her we say..."Clara, ask nicely." And she replies.."Nicely." In a sweet voice.

Funny Reid story

I forgot to tell this story about Reid. My friend took him to the movies a bit ago with her kids. And as they were waiting for the movie to start my friend takes out her soda that she had bought there to take a sip. She said that Reid looks over at her and says..."Kristy, did you buy that soda here?" She replied..."Yes Reid I did, do you want some?" He sat there and you could tell he was really thinking and he replied..."No I don't, but don't you know you're not suppose to buy soda at the movie theater, it's so much more expensive, you should never buy soda at the movie theater." Kristy sure did learn a lesson that day. She replied.."Yes, Reid you really shouldn't" She was dying she was being told not to buy soda by a 4 year old (Reid was 4 when it happened.) Smart kid.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Husband out of town

This week my husband was out of town so I spent the night at my parents one night and spent 2 days with my family. We went to the mall one day with Katrina and my mom to let the kids play at the play place and ride on the merry go round. Here is Katrina and I with our little babes in their bjorns.
Reid on the merry go round. He had to have the dragon.
Clara on the horse.
We also took the kids to the Mayan Restaurant to eat and watch the divers. They loved it. Clara was a little unsure about the whole thing, because it was dark inside. It reminds me of a disneyland ride inside, so i asked Reid if it reminded him of disneyland and his response was "No, there aren't any rides." Here they are outside the restaurant playing while i nursed Alvin.

This is Reid after we watched the divers, pretending he is a diver. He was pretty intrigued by those divers.

We had a fun time at my parents. My kids' favorite thing to do is just play outside at my parents, they never want to go anywhere else. today Reid spent most the day outside picking weeds in my parents' yard. He loved seeing the root and how big of a root he could get. Everytime he kept showing us how much bigger each one was. Pack came over and Reid kept bringing the roots to him to show him how big they were, finally Pack responded "Okay but, they're not really that cool." He says it like it is old "Packie" My kids call him "a nut case."
Although, Clara did say today, "Packie use to be a nut case, but now he's not." Pack is my younger brother. My Kids have kind of a love/hate relationship with him. They love him because he is crazy and funny, but they always end up crying in the end because he has either hurt them or scared them. He treats them like they are his same age, or should I say he acts like he is their same age :). Okay, back to the roots. As Reid was picking the roots, he kept saying, "I love picking roots, I love picking roots, I'M A ROOT PICKER!" Then after we weren't interested anymore in the big roots he kept picking he then found some kids outside to show them the big roots he had picked, but they really weren't interested in them, so he came inside to find something they were interested in. so one by one he kept bringing out different toys/books, to show these kids that were outside. He loves to entertain anyone who will pay attention to him. It was funny to see what he would bring out next. one of the things he came out with were some princess high heels of Clara's. He walked outside in these fussy heels like a little princess. He was loving every minute of it. Especially the laughs he got. He is such a funny kid. I don't know if you can see this very well, but Reid gets the worst prune feet and hands when he takes a bath. He always puts them on me to gross me out. They are seriously so gross looking. I have never seen such pruneness(I don't know what else to call it)
Again I don't know if you can tell, but clara's hands are way less pruney than reid's. I wonder why? i wish you could see it better, because it is so weird looking.
Here is a picture of Chloe and Alvin at 6 weeks, sorry Chloe that i didn't get such a good picture of you, but Alvin looked so cute, and the rest of the pictures I got of them he was crying.
My mom loves to go to garage sales and here is a little something she found at one last week. She is always finding things my kids love better than the toys I buy brand new and at full price.
Cute little Alvin at almost 7 weeks old. He is smiling a lot for us and making little baby talks now. He is so sweet.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Alvin and Chloe 5 weeks old

We went to my mom's last Sunday to celebrate her b-day and Chauncy's b-day. Alvin and Chloe are changing so much. it is fun to have both babies together. Chloe makes so many faces and I guess according to my mom and pictures of me as a newborn I was the same way. Notice that in every picture Chloe is making a different face. I love it.
Now this is a rare occasion, because Alvin usually doesn't make faces, but we caught him making one.

Here is my mom with all of her grandkids. She is the best grandma. My kids are always asking to do things that I don't let them do and I tell them no, and their response is "only grandma lets us do that?" With grandma everything is a game and a mess, but I need a little more structure in my life. When my mom watches them she plays with them the whole time. My kids are in heaven.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pictures of the kids when Alvin was 1 week

I got these pictures done when Alvin was one week. This is at my neighbor and friend Katie's house. The photographer comes to your house to take the pictures which was nice, but i had her come to my neighbor's house who has different colored walls for different backgrounds. Watch for one of these pictures of Alvin in an announcement coming soon.