Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alvin and Chloe 3 weeks old

Alvin is 3weeks old and Chloe is almost 4. They are both pretty good babies. Chloe is sleeping a lot better than Alvin in the night. Partly because i am lazy and just nurse Alvin all night. I fall asleep while nursing and then wake up when it is time to feed again. I might set a timer tonight to wake me up before the next feeding. David will be loving the buzzer going off. We went to my mom's today and it is so fun to have the 2 babies around. It is hard to tell their little noises apart. When we hear a cry we have to always ask "was that mine or yours". I am always glad when it isn't mine. :)


Sabra said...

They are so cute!! Your cookies were super YUMMY. Thanks. Your family is beautiful. Sabra

Brinton Family said...

I didn't even know you took that! HaHa! They are so cute! Little Cousins. I love being there on sunday and looking at both of them. Porter is funny huh when he was swaddling alvin.. He is so into getting them wrapped perfectly.