Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 4th of July weekend

My in-laws came in town this year for the 4th of July weekend. We had a fun time doing lots of fun activities and eating at lots of yummy restaurants. My mother-in-law got this picture of Alvin. I have no idea how or why he was doing this. Silly Alvin. One day while they were here we went to the Hollywood Connection. The kids loved it, but I wouldn't go again. One of those things that is fun, but not amazing. Alvin loved the dance, dance revolution game.
Alvin also loved daddy's shoulders.
Alvin also loved the hammer game. Do I have any other kids? or just Alvin? He is just easier to take pictures of.
Here's my other kids. We are on a hot air balloon ride. I went on all the rides with the kids and they all were the kind that make you a little sick. Fun for me:) There was a roller coaster, bumper cars, carousel, hot air balloon ride, and a bus ride.
Reid and Clara after their bath.
The 4th of July is one of my favorite times of the year in Provo, UT. Every year they do a hot air balloon fest for 3 days in a row, and most days they fly right over our house and even land in the park across the street. We make sure to go one day and watch them take off. Here they are taking off.
The Tony the Tiger balloon was a new one this year.

This is how Alvin was the whole morning looking up at the balloons.
Here are the balloons that landed in the park across the street. My kids were so excited that the pig balloon landed in our park this year.
Because the pig balloon takes so long to put away they gave free rides to kids in the other Bank of American Fork balloon. Reid got to ride in it, but Clara was too scared. The fire really scared her.
Getting ready to take off.
You can see his little head peeking out.
You can see the sun coming up and the hot air balloon in the background. Such a fun morning.Cute kiddies watching the balloons in their pj's.
Perfect flag backdrop by our house.

We also went to bridal veil falls on the 4th. My kids could play there all day. It was pretty crowded that day, buy usually not too many people are there. It is such a beautiful atmosphere. My in-laws were in town and went with us and were in love with the scenery.

Summer Fun

We have been having a lot of fun this summer doing different activities each day. In the beginning of June we did swimming lessons. I had to entertain Alvin the whole time so I didn't get very many pictures and none of Reid:( He was usually off in the deep end and under water.
Utah county has a lot of carnivals on weekends. We went to the one in Orem for the summer fest and this one was in the Albertson's parking lot behind our house. This is Clara and her friend Ellie.
Reid and his friend Coleman.
The Provo Airport had an event where there were a bunch of jets, helicopters, and planes on display. Reid was in heaven. He loves all forms of transportation especially fast ones.

The airport fire truck drove by and sprayed all the kids. Reid said it hit some of the kids in the stomach so hard they were crying.
See little Reid in the middle in the black shirt? He loves water. Clara does too, but she was a little hesitant to jump right in the crowd getting sprayed.
We also went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point.
This is at thanksgiving point in front of the farm. It is for the "cornbellys" in October so it was deflated, but the kids had so much fun running back and forth on it and making "waves".