Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reid, Clara, and Alvin

Like i said before Reid loves cars. He loves to go to the library and check out car books. I think we have checked out every possible car book there. Yesterday we had to go to the adult section because we have already checked out all the car books in the children's and the juvenile section. He wants us to read them to him and i have to say they are pretty boring and long. He has been known to correct me when i say a certain type of car wrong. Like the Murcielago Lamborghini. I put the accent in the wrong place i guess, according to Reid.
Clara is loving all this baby stuff around. She has always wanted to be a baby. Now she can play with all of Alvin's stuff.
So far Alvin is a pretty good baby. He does like to be held, but I don't have to bounce him the whole time like i did with Reid when he was a baby. He wakes up about every three hours at night which I can live with.

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