Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Family

This is the Hazar Family. We have Reid who is 5 and Clara who is 2. We also have one on the way who should come this week. His name will be Alvin Mitchell Hazar. We can't wait to meet him. David Hazar is from Scottsdale Arizona and I am Nabby Hazar from SLC, UT. We will have been married 8 years in May.

This is Reid Michael Hazar. He is 5 years old. Right now he is obsessed with cars. especially Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Lotus', Corvettes, and other sporty looking cars. He knows what all the cars are on the road. He even has Clara pointing out the PT Cruisers now. We took him to a Ferrari dealership a couple weeks ago and he asked the car salesman if he could see the motor. He is a very caring sensitive boy. He has been the perfect older brother. He loves to laugh. Lately he also loves to draw, mostly cars. He is a very curious active boy. We have a hard time getting him to sit still. He loves spicy ethnic food(just like his mom). He loves going to preschool and playing with his friends.

This is Clara Michelle Hazar. She is 2 years old. Clara loves babies. She also loves her brother, which makes her love cars as well. Clara loves to help her mom and dad. She loves mom to play dolls with her. I am the mom doll and she is the dad doll. Sometimes we have kids too. If she ever sees me sitting down she brings me some sort of doll, stuffed animal, car, etc. and tells me to be the mom. I can't help but play it with her for a bit. I run out of things to have us do though. She seems to like all the funny things my mom doll wants to do though. She loves ketchup. If we give her ketchup to dip her food in she will eat about anything. She has been our picky eater though. She is definately stubborn like her mom. Although mom is more stubborn so she still falls short with most of her fights. She loves to tease Reid, which Reid hates. They play well together, but they definaltely have their moments of fighting. Clara is very affectionate so she always has to be on someone. She has been so much fun to get to know.

Reid and Clara ride their bikes almost every morning before we go to the gym at 9:00am. They wake up at 7am so we have a lot of time to kill.

Here they are at the Ferrari dealership. Reid has never smiled so good for a picture.

Here I am at almost 9 months pregnant.

Here is My sister-in-law Katrina Brinton and I almost 9 months pregnant. She is due a week before me.

Here is Reid and Clara at the ward easter egg hunt on Saturday March 22.

Here are the kiddies on easter morning.

Easter sunday outfits.

Porter's new baby girl Chloe Vona Brinton born March 27th 7lbs 11oz 20 inches long.

My kids love to be on the counter. I started it with Reid when he was a baby and tried no to let clara follow his example, but no such luck. she was such a climber we couldn't keep her off. Here they are on a little table that holds our phone, but usually they are on the counter. I think they like it because they are at my level.


Amy M. said...

My kids are obsessed with being on the counter too.

You look great!

Brinton Family said...

Will you send me that picture of us. That turned out really cute!