Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Alvin:

Yesterday Alvin was crying and wouldn't stop(surprise, surprise), and Clara was getting annoyed. But instead of just telling him to stop, she whips out a piece of paper and folds it in half and then opens it and says as if she is reading..."Dear Alvin: Please stop crying, if you don't I will be very mad."
How did she think? Maybe I should try that technique from now on. She has been saying the funniest things lately.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Provo River Half Marathon

My dad and I ran the Provo River Half Marathon this weekend. It has become our little tradition. It was a very cold morning this year. So waiting for the race to start was very uncomfortable, but sitting a talking to my dad is something I will always cherish(freezing or not). I don't always get to spend time with my dad alone so this is such a fun thing we do each year. My dad had a funny thing happen during his run... My dad has allergies that make him have to clear his throat a lot and when he runs it is even worse and so while he runs he has to clear his throat and spit a lot. Well, one of the times he had to spit a girl was coming to pass him and my dad turned to spit and he spit right in the girl's face. YUCK! Can you imagine? He said he was so sorry. He said as she passed she was really wiping her face off with her hands. Gross.
This was taken basically right when I stopped running. Alvin had to be held by mommy as soon as he saw me.

We could not get the kids to do normal faces, but at least they are looking at the camera.

Later that day we went to the Children's Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove. It is such a fun park. My kids love it. It has tons of little castle like forts with slides and just a lot of really different park things. It is all out of wood except the slides. It is really big so the kids can play forever. Alvin was in heaven.

It has a these little beehives with little chairs inside. This is the queen bee's hive. Alvin loved the little chair inside. It is just his size.
The queen bee.

Couch Fort

Many days our couch ends up looking like this. Our couch is played with more than any other toy. Our kids love to make all kinds of different forts with the couch. It is great entertainment for them, but I hate how there is no where to sit all day. As long as they are having fun it is worth it.
Some funny things that my kids have been saying are...
The other day my friend Amy was changing her baby's diaper and just as she took off his diaper Clara gasped and said "Oh what a beautiful bum!"
The other day when I was trying to get Reid to not wear his soccer jersey for the 3rd day in a row he said, "Just ignore that I am wearing it Mommy, that's what I do when you are wearing something that I don't like, I just try to think about something else and then it doesn't bother me." (I never knew he was so aware of what I wore or that he hated it.) I asked him what he doesn't like that I wear and he mentioned these black balloony pants that look somewhat like knickers. They are cute, but David hates them too so maybe they aren't so cute:)

Summer Activities

We have had a lot of fun this summer. Here are a some pictures through the summer of the fun things we have done. Here we are at the children's discovery gardens at Thanksgiving point.
One evening in July I went out with my high school friends. Another night I went out with my beauty school friends, but forgot to get a picture. It is so much fun to get together with good girl friends.

Reid and Alvin getting in the car to go somewhere. It seemed like we were always in our mini van going somewhere. It is like our home away from home.

Many days ended like this with kids falling asleep in the mini van.

One night we stayed in a hotel in sandy just for fun and that evening we went to the Mayan. Our kids love it there, and the food is better now that they changed it. Our kids love staying in hotels and swimming in the pool and eating the breakfast in the morning. That was a fun night and morning. We've been going to Grandma Brinton's house to swim and take baths. My kids love to take a bath at Grandma's house because she has a big tub and it is especially fun when cousin Chloe is there. Reid is showing a little too much so i tried to cover his little bum.

Alvin eating a fudge bar, and sitting on the table. That is where he usually ends up eating his meals. We start him on a chair, but he always crawls on top of the table. What a stinker. It is very hard to keep him in his chair anywhere.