Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Want to Lose Weight?

(Katrina's before and after)
Some of you know that my brother owns a company called Total Health and Fitness. If you don't know what it is, it is a weight loss program that costs over $700 dollars to do, and has proven to be very successful for many people for loosing weight. If you need to loose a lot of weight or just a little it is the easiest way to do it. If you have ever wanted to do it and didn't want to pay that much money, well now is your chance. My sister-in-law Katrina(my brother's wife) has now made the same program available for a lot cheaper price $120($100 if you prepay). Go to her website to find out how. It is such an amazing program. David, my mom, and my dad have all lost a lot of weight on it in the past. here is the website.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Clara turned 4

Clara Michelle Hazar turned four June 8th. She is such a wonderful little girl. I have so much fun watching her little personality develop. She is tough, funny, happy, emotional, sensitive, affectionate, creative, and crazy. She cares so much about her brothers, but at the same time she likes to tease them. She loves to cuddle with anyone her will let her. She likes to make and create and she likes to laugh. She definitely has a mind of her own. We love her so much. Here she is on her new bike that she got from her grandma and grandpa Hazar. When she saw that they got it for her she said "Mommy, Grandma Candace and Jido love me so much to get me this bike."

Clara's Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Clara turned 4 on Monday. We also had a party for her that day with her friends. Clara loves fairies and butterflies so she wanted a tinkerbell party. I had a lot of fun creating this party for Clara, but when the day finally came it is pretty stressful trying to pull it all off with 11 four year olds and 6 year olds. Here is what we did....

Here is a view of the decorated room that the kids first came into.

Fun banner of pictures of Clara. I stole this idea off of my friend Amy's blog. She did one for her one year old and had 12 pictures of her son(one for each month of his life, showing his growth)

This was the best part of the party. The pixie dust tree mural. I mentioned to my aunt that I was thinking about doing a mural for Clara's party and she jumped all over the idea and offered to do it (which I was very pleased because she is an artist and I am not). It really ended up being my uncle that did it with a few touches from my aunt. I can't thank them enough for their help and enthusiasm. They better be prepared for my next child's birthday party:). Can you believe this thing? My aunt kept telling my uncle while he was perfecting it "now you know that this is for a bunch of 4 year olds don't you?" I couldn't stop looking at it. It was so much fun to have. Thank you Gary and Carolyn.

Reid and Clara in front of it so you can see how big it is.

The Tinkerbell cake I made.

Each kid as they came in got a Tinkerbell or a pirate sword applique shirt that I made. I wanted a party favor that they wouldn't throw away when they got home.
There were 3 stations that the kids could go to as they came in. One of them was decorating butterfly sugar cookies.

Here are some of the kids creations.

Clara and Aiden decorating their cookies. My mom ran this station. My mom helped me so much as well with this party. My mom is a professional garage sale goer. So she kept finding things we could use for the party at the garage sales. See the stars and the ceramic pot holding the balloons....it's a garage sale special. We all got into this party so much. Thanks mom.
Another station was painting ladybug rocks.

Here are the kids creations.

My aunt Carolyn ran this station. My aunt is the perfect aunt. Anything goes with her. Everything you do with her is fun and crazy. With her you are always creating, I owe a lot of my creativity to her. It was perfect to have her at the painting station. She is an artist and she appreciated so much all of the kids' ladybug creations. It was so helpful to have her there. You need so many adults at these parties to pull it off. The only thing I was lacking was a photographer, because I was running a station, holding Alvin, and taking pictures. (David tries to help with Alvin, but Alvin has a heart attack if he sees me and I am not holding him)

The last station was decorating pixie wands and swords.
Boys making swords.
Girls making wands. After all the kids went to each station, we had a treasure hunt. The first clue they had to dig through the sand box to find. During the treasure hunt I was reading the clues and holding Alvin so I didn't take the pictures that I wanted to, so this picture was taken after the party. I made Reid and Clara reenact finding the clue:). The real picture would have had billions of kids all on top of each other trying to find the clue first.
The next clue was earned after they all threw water balloons(dew drops) through the "spider webs".
The next clue was earned as well after each child watered the garden.

And finally they found the treasure chest filled with pixie dust(pixie sticks) and pirate coins.

I was so mad at myself because in all the craziness I forgot to get a picture of all the kids together in their shirts in front of the mural, so I got a picture of the last lingering children. What a fun day we had. Clara was in heaven. During the opening of presents Clara was saying things like "I always wanted one of these!!!" "This is exactly what I wanted!!!" And "Aiden, where's my present?" She was loving all the attention. It was so much fun to watch her enjoy it.

Hogle Zoo

We went to Hogle Zoo on one of the rainy days last week, which turned out to be perfect, because it didn't rain while we were there, and it was the perfect temperature. This is Reid and Clara catching bugs in the wind tunnel game.

Waiting for the bird show to start. Which during, I was called as a volunteer to hold a $5 bill in my hand while a big huge bird flew to land on my arm and take the bill and them fly back to the trainer. Kinda fun. My arm was pretty scratched up though from its nails grabbing my arm. Clara answered a question as well during the show and got a free ride on the train.

Reid's last week of school

Reid enjoying his popsicle after playing outside during water day on his last day of school.

This was taken while waiting to watch Reid's kindergarten program and graduation. Which I shouldn't have taken, because by the time it started my camera ran out of batteries:(. Luckily my neighbor got some pictures of him which I will get.
Alvin crawling in front of the slide show. It is hard to keep him sitting for any period of time.

Jogging with the Children

Here are my kids out on a run with me. I run about 20 minutes to a park where they play for a while and then I jog back home. Reid has been doing it on his bike lately so that I can take all 3 kids. He loves it because the trail I go on has tons of hills, tunnels, and bridges. We live close to the provo river so it is a very pretty run as well. Here are some videos I took with my phone(so they aren't great quality). It is kind of fun to see Reid riding behind me on his tiny bike. He has a bigger bike, but he always picks the tiny one.