Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I tried to get a cute picture of the 3 kids together, but it was so tricky to get them all doing a good face. This was the best one. Avin is a week and a half old.
My kids are quite the little babysitters for Alvin. I was cleaning around the house and when I came back to see the kids this is what I saw. They brought all their stuffed animals to entertain Alvin.
Here they are proud of what they had done. Reid is quite a help with Alvin. He holds him on the couch and gives him a pacifier when he is crying. It helps me to get things done around the house.
Alvin in his bath. 2 weeks old. He cried the 1st week during his bath so i never got a 1st bath picture, but now he kind of likes it. All my kids have hated their baths until their belly button scab falls off and then the very next day when i give them a bath they like it. It's magic.
Reid performing for the parents in his preschool.(4/15/08) This is his last week of preschool. He gets pretty bored on the days he doesn't have school so i will have to figure out some fun things to do this summer.


Amy M. said...

That's good your kids are so helpful with the baby. I too am wondering what we'll do when preschool is over. I can think of fun things to do, but it's much trickier to go do tons of things with a new baby.

Katie said...

That is so cute with all the stuffed animals, I love it. I need to have your kids over to play, Coleman asks for Reid everyday.

Nabby Hazar said...

Amy: Yes is is so tricky to do things with a new baby. i went to the park with the kids the other day and an 8 year old kid touched my boob while i was trying to nurse. The days are so long when Reid is home all day. He needs a lot of attention. I need to stay busy. And Katie: We need to get the kids together to play. we can switch off at our houses. Reid needs a friend to play with.