Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school 2011

Reid and Clara started school.  Reid is in 3rd gade and Clara is in 1st.  They can go together to school now that Clara is on all day school. 

Here they are walking to school.  I walk with them 2 days a week when Alvin goes to school  2 days a week.  He goes to preschool at the elementary school.  He likes it now, but he is my first child to have a really hard time going to school.  The first day he cried for 45 minutes.  It killed me to leave him.  Wow he is a tricky kid.  Nothing is easy with him.  I hope all my hard work with him pays off. 
Here he is on his first day of school right before his melt down. 
Joker Dean.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sewing and Summer 2011

Dress I made for my niece Cali. 

Skirt for niece Madison. 
Baby Dean 4 months. 
Dean and Alvin

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aug 2011

After Dean's blessing David's parents stayed for the week.  So we did some fun things. Reid loves nerf guns and has for the past year has liked them.  He loves looking at other kids' collections on you tube and tries to collect as many as he can.  Here is one of his first nerf guns.  You will see up ahead many more.  He is a funny kid.  He knows all the names and brings all his guns everywhere.  (which by the way are very annoying to have all over the house. although at least he is old enough to pick them up himself)
Clara with dean and Grandma Candace.

Here we went swimming in Park city where David's parent were staying for a couple of nights. 

Dean is about 4 months here. I just finally figured out he has acid reflux after dealing with him crying nonstop, so this week I have been giving him medicine and he is doing a lot better.  Still normal fussy, but not crazy fussy. 

Swimming at a hotel downtown.  David's parents stayed at a couple different hotels this time because they wanted to do different things around Utah. 
Alvin found this outfit of my brother porter's and had to wear it.  He wore it for about 2 days straight.  It was too small, but he insisted on wearing it all over town.  *note the camel toe he is sporting:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dean's Blessing Day

We blessed Dean the first weekend in August.  I have to say things did not exactly go as I thought they would in my head.  Or maybe I should say they did because they did go how I hoped they wouldn't.  Anyway, it all started when right after I put dean's outfit on he spit up all over it(which I guess isn't that surprising since he spits up all day long, but couldn't he at least waited until I got a picture, you can see the spit up on his left chest) Then as I was sitting in the chapel waiting for sacrament to start I realized he was poopy so I hurried to go change him before it started only to realize that he had a huge blowout that went through his shirt and pants. (fun for whoever had to hold him in the circle:)) They during the blessing he screamed the whole time because he has acid reflux and hates to lay on his back so laying on his back during the blessing was not ideal for Dean.  So as you can see not the perfect day, but it ended up being a really good meeting.  All of my brothers were there.  This is my first child who got to have Chauncy in the circle.  And my mom and Chauncy both got up and bore their testimonies which was fun to have since I don't get to here them bare testimony as often as I use to.  It felt so good to have my whole family in church together.  I miss sitting in the same row with my brothers and my parents.  It really felt like home.  Anyway, I am glad they all could make it.  I always feel so stressed on my kids' blessing days, but this one felt really good and spiritual even though things were not perfect. 

Here he is right after he spit up and I am sure this is how he looked during the blessing too:)  Oh the joys!! Once again I get a fussy little baby.  Why am I not shocked???

My whole family together.

David's parents came too which was very nice of them.  It was great to have them there.  They are always so easy to have around and my kids are so excited to have them there.