Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming, Dean one month

Swimmimg at my mom's pool.

Dean is 1 month old and smiling. I even caught one in the picture.

sew cute :)

Pillows I made for our bench on our front porch.

Dress I designed and made for Clara. I was going for kind of an orphan look, but more modern.

I finished it and it needed a little something so I made this to sew on.

most of the gathers are on one side and one side is longer than the other.

For some reason this picture uploaded the wrong way.

Chair cushions I made for our patio furniture.

I bought this dress at forever 21 and added this bib to it. so cute on Clara.


We got a trampoline this summer and the kids are loving it. They jumped for 3 days straight and by the end of the 3rd day they were so tired, but still could not stop jumping. So far we have had such a fun summer. The kids play nonstop all day long.

Here is little Dean at 3-4 weeks old.

Alvin pretending to have a baby in his belly.

C is for Clara

Clara turned 6 this year and had a "C" birthday party. She is wearing the shirt I made for all the girls with a "corsage" on it. Everything started with c.

another of the shirts that I made.

She had cupcakes. My neighbor made me these cute c's to put on top they are made out of gum paste so they are edible. She makes the best cakes and cupcakes herself. I traded with her and made a shirt for her daughter and she made me these darling cupcake toppers.

We had a candy buffet.

And animal cookies, crackers, and chips.

We decorated c cookies.

Here are the decorations that I made.

Each banner had a cameo of Clara, a crown, a cupcake, and cat, a letter c, and each one said Clara.

We made cat ears, and had an obstacle course.

We played a game with cotton balls. I put lansinol on their faces and they had to see how many cotton balls they could stick to their faces. the girl with the most won. We were going to play a game with candles where you have to squirt the candles out with a squirt gun, but it was too windy outside to light candles so we didn't get to do it.

Clara is such a sweetheart. She helps me so much. She hates when when anyone is upset and will do anything to make them happy. She is such a loving sister to her 3 brothers. Clara is such a tomboy. Most of her friends are boys and the girls in the neighborhood try to tell her not to play with the boys, but she is such an adventurous girl that she can't help but play with the boys.
I am so happy I got Clara as a daughter. We love her so much.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Reid was in a play at school. He was a snake. Here he is ready to sing in the chorus. He did a good job. He had a lot of lines to memorize and he was constantly whispering to the other snake what his lines were. It was so much fun to watch. He even had to do a little dance with the other snake and shake his booty. It was so cute.

Reid lost his first tooth. Kind of late but it finally happened. He is 8 and a half and hasn't lost a tooth until now. He lost it in the beginning of June.

Dean 2 weeks old

Getting bigger. I took him to his 2 week appointment and he was almost 10lbs and grew almost 3 inches. unless they didn't stretch him out enough in the hospital. He is a big guy.

He reminds of of Reid because he never relaxes. He is always trying to lift his head up and does a pretty good job. Look at him arching his back. He is like a seal. He is so strong for 2 weeks.

Dean 1 week old.

My in-laws came to visit and see Dean for the first time when he was a week old. My mother-in-law took this picture of out house. I haven't shared a picture since we have landscaped.

Big brother Alvin.

Dean one week old.

Dean and Jido.(Grandpa)

Grandma Candace and Dean.

He looks like all of my other kids. A combo of them all.

Baby Dean arrived!!!

Big belly right before I went in. I will never have one of these again.

I was induced 2 days early this time. I usually wait and go overdue, but this time I felt like he was big and i was right. He was 8lbs 10oz.

Dean Merrit Hazar born May 12th at 5:22pm. 8lbs 10oz 19 1/2 inches. It was probably my hardest delivery. It took forever for the anaesthesiologist to come in and so I was in tons of pain and then while in the process of giving me the epidural the girl next door was having major problems so he ripped out my needle and ran into the other room. They told me he might not be able to come back. Luckily, he did but I had to go through tons of pain waiting. Then one side wasn't working and my heart rate was dropping. I had the push tons more and i ripped. I am just glad he was okay and healthy. I would rather go through the pain than worry about him. Anyway, it is over now.