Friday, May 7, 2010


We moved to Draper. We have been looking for houses on and off in Draper, but it has never seemed right, but we finally felt right this time and found the perfect house in the area that we wanted to live in. Here is our home. I have had a hard time with the transition though. I loooved where we use to live sooooo much and so I have really mourned our old house and neighborhood. Although, I am starting to come around. It felt so right to move this time so I know it was the right thing to do, but it has still been really hard.

I haven't done much decorating yet, but I did finish Clara's room. She has never had a girl room so I had a lot of fun creating the perfect girl room. Clara loooves butterflies so she had to have butterflies and it had to be pink. I made a lot of the things for her room. I had so much fun. I wish I would have taken before pictures of all the things before we changed them.
The bed use to be a light wood color and we painted it white and the stairs were wiggles stairs and i painted them green and i painted the night stand's knob fuchsia.

My friend Amy gave me this idea to put fabric in these needle point rings.

I made this butterfly mobile which was a nightmare. It costs $115 at pottery barn so i thought I would just make one to save $, but it was sooooo hard that I could see why it was $115. And it is hard to see here but the butterflies on the wall I cut out of contact paper which was $5.
I made this butterfly lampshade out of hard felt and leftover ruffles from the ruffle shirts I use to make.
And I bought a huge sham that went with the bedding and I cut it up and made a smaller pillow and added these butterflies out of hard felt.
And I really wish I took a before picture of this because it was an old white washed mirror that was very out of style and I bought a wood butterfly at Michael's for $1 and glued it in the middle and painted the whole thing green. so it looks like one piece. So now I can check off Clara's room because it is done, yay!!!

Alvin turned 2

Alvin loves Elmo so I made an Elmo cake. He was so excited and wanted Grandma to see it sooo bad. He could hardly wait to show her. Whenever he sees Elmo he dances and sings La La La La, La La La La.

Proud little birthday boy of his Elmo cake.

My niece Chloe's birthday is 3 days before Alvin's so we had a combined birthday party. Here they are blowing out the candles. Alvin has been my hardest kid so far, but I still love him to death. As hard as he is all day I still go to bed missing him. He is such a cute boy and loves his ma ma. He always has to come back for hugs once in a while as he is off playing. He has such a low voice for a 2 year old and he grunts before he says anything. For example he loves protein bars and asks for them all day long and so he is often walking around going "ugh bar" "ugh bar". I don't know where the ugh came from, but he has said it for a long time and hasn't changed. I will miss it when it stops. I love my little Alvin. Happy Birthday Alvin.


The kids in their easter outfits. I spent too much time making Clara's that the boys had to wear their outfits from last year.

The easter egg hunt at our church. Poor Reid had his cast on and so when they let all the kids go to run for the eggs Reid was left in the dust because he had crutches and so he just chucked his crutches to the side and started to crawl. He still was mad because he couldn't go fast enough, but Clara got tons of eggs and felt so bad for Reid so she gave Reid about half of hers. She is such a sweat sister to her brothers.
Checking out the candy.

Saint Patrick's Day

I stole this idea from my friend Jill, because it seemed so fun and it sure was. My kids love it. anyway she posted on her blog last year that the leprechauns come to her house on Saint Patrick's day and play tricks on them and leave a pot of gold. So here are the tricks they played. They turned the milk green and left us with some lucky charms for breakfast.

They turned the toilet water green.

They left foot prints all over the house so we knew where they had been.

And they left pots of green candy.
And pots of "gold". Clara was so scared to go to bed the night before because she was afraid they would pinch her. She made sure to wear green pj's to bed. It was a fun day. Especially since it was my birthday too:) I went to cheesecake factory for dinner which always makes it a good day.

Valentines Day

Big Lips comes to our house on Valentines day. And this year Reid wanted to make sure that Big Lips knew where to go so he made signs telling Big Lips where to put everything. This sign is telling Big Lips to put cut out paper hearts all down the hall(that is what she has done in the past years)

This sign is telling Big Lips to put the candy on the coffee table.

And this sign is telling Big Lips to put the presents by the fire place.

Big Lips thanked Reid for the helpful signs and left a kiss. Clara was so scared to go to bed that night, because she was afraid Big Lips would kiss her.
Here are the hearts she left down the hall.

Here are the kids with there presents, and their "I love you because...." books that I have made the past two years for each of my kids and my husband telling them why I love them. My friend Amy has done it for her kids and husband all along and I kept meaning to do it, but never did until last year so that is my new tradition.

And at last we had a full pink breakfast. Pink milk, pink waffles, and pink eggs.

Fun Times

Reid like I have said before is always making costumes out of nothing. He made this with the easter grass and paper.

One of the many painting days. My kids love to create, I just wish it wasn't so messy. Reid especially likes to create. He is often in his room for hours and then comes out with some sort of book he wrote or picture. I love to see what he comes up with.
My only girl Clara won't dress up in princess clothes, but she will dress up in Reid's clone trooper costumes, but notice she does have glass slippers on with it:)

Reid broke his leg skiing in Park City. I was so mad because we got this great deal to take him skiing, and now it has turned into a $1200.00 day of skiing. Every time I get another bill I weep. Reid got so good on his crutches though. He was so fast. He eventually got a walking cast and some days he would still use is crutches and I would ask him "Reid why are you using your crutches." and he would say "I miss them." This poor kid has broken both legs and had stitches on his face four times. There is a video below of him on his crutches.

One of my best friend's dad has opened up 2 Corner Bakeries in Utah and we got to go to the open house. Here we all are with our empty plates and baguettes. By the way the food there is to die for.

Here is a video of Reid on his crutches. I took it to show how fast he is, but in the video he actually fell on them too, which normally didn't happen, but happened while I videoed him. I am telling you this kid gets hurt a lot.

Dinosaur Museum

We have a Thanksgiving point membership this year so you will see a lot of pictures at the many venues there. Here is alvin in the sand at the dino museum without a shirt because he got it all wet at the wet sand part. He is such a handful lately. He usually ends up shirtless everywhere I go so you would think I would think to bring an extra shirt in case he gets wet, but I don't. I finally bring an extra pair of underwear just in case Clara has an accident, but ever since I have had one she has never needed it.

The wet sand part. My kids could play in this for hours.

Alvin is a little small for the aprons but he had to have one because his big brother and sister had one.

My in-laws were in town when we went this time and so here is Jido(grandpa) with Alvin.

Dresses I've been making.

I have the sewing bug again and so I have been making all kinds of dresses. Some for Clara and others for gifts. This one above I made for a one year old named Blakely. Her mom hasn't seen it yet so I excited to give it to her.
This one above I made as Clara's Easter dress. I made a matching one for my niece Chloe.

This was a second Easter dress for Clara because I couldn't get making it out of my head.
And so I had to make 2 of them. One for Clara and one for her bestie Ella.

This one was for my client's daughter who is clara's age.

And this one was for my niece Madison's birthday present. What a good little model Clara is :)Yes i know I am obsessed with sewing, but I have really found my passion. I would sew all day if I could, unfortunately I don't have time for it, but I have somehow found time for these projects.