Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trip to the Temple

We went up to the Draper Temple with my in-laws so they could see it and get pictures. David was back at the house because Alvin was having a meltdown after not having a nap for 4 days straight. It was freezing so it was a little hard to smile. I do love this temple though. One of my favorites.

Reid's Baptism

Reid got baptized this past weekend. I am so proud of him. He is such a special boy. He really wants to be a good boy. He said he felt a good feeling when he got the Holy Ghost. He received a set of scriptures from his grandma and grandpa Hazar and he has been carrying them around ever since. He kept saying "How much were these scriptures because they are GOLDEN" and then he came to me and said "Guess how many pages are in these scriptures mommy?" and then he went on to tell me how many. and then he said "can you believe Grandma and Grandpa would buy me these with soooo many pages" He also got some diary of the wimpy kid books and he was reading them a lot this weekend and he came to me and said "Mommy, whenever I am reading my diary of the wimpy kid book I am thinking 'I should be reading my scriptures, I should be reading my scriptures' so I stop to read my scriptures." The Holy Ghost is whispering to him already. What a good boy. Reid has always been such a sensitive boy. He is always the first to comfort me when I am sad and he tells me he prays for me too. All my kids fight over sitting with Daddy and Reid is the only one who will say "I am going to sit by mommy"

After the baptism with my family. Everyone is here, but Chauncy who was in Afghanistan this summer, but is now back in the states in Virginia for school.

The Hazar's came for the baptism. David's parents and his sister and her 2 older kids.

Our little family.

The man of the hour and his proud parents. It was sure a special day. Better than I could ever imagine. I felt the spirit so strongly as Reid was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so special. These are the days you will always remember as a parent.

So You Think You Can Dance

David and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour. It was so much fun. I have been 3 other times and I am never disappointed. I love this show and it is so much fun to see it in person. The dances are even more amazing in person. This was the first year David got to go. He usually is stuck home watching the kids.


The school parade. Clara was so scared to be in the parade for some reason. She has never loved dressing up and I don't think she like being dressed up with everyone looking at her. You can tell she looks a little hesitant.

Reid walked so fast that it was hard to get a picture of him.

Reid wanted to be dracula and would not participate in my wizard of oz theme. Although, I think he was second guessing he costume after the 3rd time he had to put on all the makeup and hair spray.

Clara was Dorothy. I love a Dorothy costume. I made her dress and shirt. What a cute little Dorothy. She wanted to be something else until she found out that Dorothy got to carry a dog. She loves stuffed animals.

Alvin was the scare crow. I also made this costume which was a nightmare once I got started, but at that point I had to finish. I am just glad he wore it after all the hard work I put into it.

If only we had the tin man.

Crazy Hair day

Pony tails for Reid on crazy hair day.

Dress I made this summer.

Reid's 8th Birthday Party

Reid turned 8 this year and wanted a party at Classic Fun Center. He loved it and so did all of the kids. There is so much to do there. Here are the ghost cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles.

Playing video games. They also rode there scooters, played in the bounce houses, jungle gyms, and obstacle courses.

Clara and Ellie.

Alvin had a blast following the big kids around.


Our school had a jog-a-thon. Reid and Clara ran (i think) 1 and half miles. Here is Clara running, but she came in walking. She did great.

Reid starting out.

All done.

Grandma and Grandpa Hazar came to town

Grandma and Jido came to town. Here is Clara ready for church and holding her pillow pet from grandma. She has been dying for one of these because of all the commercials. We found them at walmart for $10. Although I think they are $20 now.

I love a profile shot of my kids. Cute little boy.

The boys.

First day of school

Here is Reid ready for his first day of school He is in the 2nd grade and he likes his teacher and is doing well in school. He wouldn't let me walk him to school so I don't have a picture of him at the school. He is "too old" for his mom to walk him to school I guess. He still will never leave to school without a hug. I hope that never stops.

Clara started kindergarten this year. She was a little scared, but did good leaving her mommy. She loves her teacher and loves doing her homework.

Waiting in line to go inside. I love this age.


We made it to lagoon this year and we decided to go on a half price day at the end of the summer in August which was a mistake. It was soooo crowded, but we got there early and luckily got some rides in before it got too bad. These fountain pictures are at the end of the day. We promised the kids they could go in the fountains at the end of the day so they wouldn't be wet all day. They were soaked.

Out of all of my kids Reid had always loved the water the most. He will soak himself where ever we go. Even as a little baby he was always running through fountains and sprinklers with his clothes on.

Alvin loved the rides. He would go on anything. Most of the time Clara was scared and Alvin was laughing. We took him on Puff the Dragon Roller coaster and he put his arms up.

Reid is getting old enough to go on the bigger rides and he was a brave boy and tried a lot of them. It is getting fun to go with him the amusement parks.

Family night at Thanksgiving Point

Like I have said before we got memberships to Thanksgiving point this year and it has been well worth it. Every Monday night they have a Family night where there are different activities. This one was called "Having fun with food" they made banana boats, threw spaghetti at a wall, they made houses out of graham crackers, and made paintings out of pudding. anyway, the kids had fun. I read the calender wrong and I thought it was a water activity so that is why Clara is wearing a swimsuit. oops.

Fire department visits the school

Over the summer the fire department came to the school parking lot and sprayed down all the kids. We have sure loved this neighborhood and all the fun activities that are going on all the time. This is just one of the annual activities that happens every year. The kids were in heaven.