Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Hair color

Okay so I colored my hair brown. I must be bored, because I keep changing my hair. I like my hair brown, but I must say it is more shocking than the haircut. David really likes it though. It is fun to change it up.

Friday, September 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Amy and I went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour on tues. night. It was the best show I have ever seen. I would highly recommend going. I never wanted it to end. We waited in line forever to take a picture with this backdrop and right when it was our turn these other girls ran up to take a picture and I said "Hey we were in line." and the girls said "We were in line too."(with a little attitude in their voice.) and I then said "Well we were in front of you in line." And they didn't know what to say to that so they let us go. Just as I got the last word in someone snapped this shot. So I was surprised I didn't have a weird expression on my face.
If you can't tell the dancers are in the background. Our seats were on the floor which was kind of fun because we felt so close, but our necks were really sore by the end because we had to stretch them to see above the seats ahead of us. Good thing we both have long necks:).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun day shopping

On Friday I went to a really cute boutique with kids clothes in Sandy called Kinderwinkel with my mom and sister-in-law and then we went to paradise bakery for lunch. Here is Reid and Clara showing off their tattoos that aunt Katrina bought for them at the boutique. Katrina is always buying my kids little surprises here and there. She is so sweet to them.
After lunch we went to the mall and my mom sat with the kids in the playplace while Katrina and I went to Naartjie(my other favorite store).
My friend Amy met us at the playplace so our kids could play and while they were playing Amy whipped out a pair of scissors for me to cut her baby's hair and her bangs. It was so funny. Now I have a salon at home, my mom's, and the playplace:). People watching were dying. Some girl cutting hair at the mall playplace. As a mom with 3 kids you gotta do what you gotta do. This is what I call multi-tasking.

(hint: pause the playlist at the bottom to hear the video) After the mall we went to my mom's and she made some corn for my kids and all of a sudden we noticed that Clara had found a way to get a better bite of her corn. She was throwing the cobb into her teeth so it would sink into her teeth so she could get the whole kernal. It was so funny.

Bumbo Hat

My sister-in-law Katrina let me borrow her baby bumbo car last week and as soon as we got it home Reid came out of the room with it on his head. Like I have said before he is just like my dad. He just comes up with this on his own we have never taught him to be like my dad. When I was growing up my dad was always putting something on his head, in his teeth, on his eyes, up his nose etc. to make us laugh and my little Reid does the same thing. The other day he came out of the bathroom with q-tips sticking out of each of his ears. It was pretty funny, but I quickly told him that that was pretty dangerous. And the other day at church he was playing with wikki stix(they are yarn covered in wax so you can stick them together to make stuff)and he turned to me with them stuck to each of his eyebrows so he had two colorful eyebrows.
Clara had to try the bumbo hat on since Reid had showed her that it could not only be a chair, but a hat too.
Whenever David is working on the computer my kids love to climb all over him. I finally decided to capture the moment.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool website to make fun photos

I found out how to do this on my friend Karen's blog. Go to and you can do all sorts of fun things with your pictures. I'm sure if you have photo shop you can do this on that, but I don't so this was kind of fun.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cute pictures of Alvin and Clara and Chloe

We went to my parents house yesterday and got some cute pictures of Alvin. He was just so mellow and easy to photograph. Also, as you can see he was sucking his thumb. He hasn't been a thumb sucker so far, but he might have figured it out now. I sucked my thumb til I was six, let's hope he doesn't do that. Alvin has a little bit darker skin, and a couple times when I am with him I have people ask me if my husband is white. My husband is white, but his grandpa is Lebanese so maybe that is where Alvin got his skin color from.
I don't know why the pictures are half white.
Alvin in the cute hat from Aunt Katrina. Her daughter Chloe has one too.
Clara and her cousin Chloe.


Reid started soccer a couple of weeks ago. He loves soccer. He's not the greatest player yet, but he still has so much fun. He likes all the action and the outfit. Reid is in gymnastics too and the other day I asked him if he liked gymnastics or soccer better and he said "Soccer, because I like the clothes I wear.":)

Chauncy the babysitter

My brother Chauncy is living in our basement and so that means he has to babysit. We had him babysit last Thurs. night so David and I could go to the temple and when we got home I asked him how the kids went to bed (because usually with a babysitter they take advantage and never go to bed) He said they went to bed just fine, because he decided to read to them from the novel The magician's Hat from The Chronicles of Narnia. He said they just fell right to sleep as he was reading it. He said Reid kept saying "How much longer is this book?" So if you ever can't get your kids to bed just start reading them a long novel:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Clara's first day of school

Clara went to preschool for the first time today. She was very shy when I brought her in, but when I came to pick her up she was participating with her class. As you can see by the expression on her face she is a little reluctant. She had to wear her new shoes to school even though they didn't match her new outfit. I was just happy that she wore her new outfit, because she has a couple of favorite outfits that I have a hard time getting her to wear anything else.