Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Alvin 1 month old

Alvin is one month old. He is getting bigger so fast. He looks like a little man. He still isn't sleeping through the night. He has a couple better nights amoungest the bad ones so maybe that is a sign. He is still taking the pacifier unlike my other kids and so far takes a bottle unlike my other kids. so hopefully he will keep taking it and not stop at 3 months like my other kids did. I am starting to feel a little more adjusted. I kind of have a little system going now and somewhat of a schedule at least in the morning.
He was actually giving me a couple of smiles while i was taking these pictures and that is the first time he has done that awake.

Clara once again wanting to be a baby. She is in the bouncer more than Alvin is. And once again there she is with her "Baby Alive's" pacifier. She uses it more than "baby alive". She also is always giving Alvin his pacifier and wiping his month. Thus he always has a clean face.


Amy M. said...

My kids have been pretending to be babies a lot lately too. They've been using binkies and the baby equipment. Alvin's tie-die outfit is cute. Where'd you find it? This sounds bad but I'm kind of jealous your baby is a month old already. The first month is hard for me.

Amy M. said...

oh and i'm sad I didn't get a rose on Monday night :)
the amanda sure said "like" a lot that episode.

Brinton Family said...

I can't believe he sat up like that. Those are the cutest pics! And that is so cute that he smiled! And clara is so funny! Loving the baby seat!e