Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny quotes from Clara

Last Saturday Clara was on the toilet going #2 and just then David came out of our room for the 1st time that morning (he had just woken up) and right when he walked past the bathroom Clara said "Daddy, I'm going poo and you get to wipe me!" in a very excited voice. David said "how exciting" and he wished he was still in bed.

Then when Reid woke up and needed to use the bathroom he noticed that Clara didn't flush the toilet and so he yelled out "GROSS!" and then Clara said "I left some poo for you Reid" in a very sarcastic voice. She is a little sicko sometimes and she likes to tease people and always has ever since she was very little.

"Mommy, I stepped on a muffin"

The other day I was changing Alvin's diaper and just as I got it off of him the phone rang and so I went to get it leaving Alvin without a diaper. As you can imagine when I got off the phone I didn't remember that Alvin was without a diaper and so I went to get in the shower. Pretty soon Clara came in the bathroom saying "Mommy, I stepped on a muffin." I stood there thinking "Mmmmm, I don't have any muffins, I wonder what she is talking about." and then it clicked in my head that Alvin didn't have a diaper on and Clara didn't step on a muffin. Let me tell you it was not so fun to clean up. At least it was a muffin consistency and not runny. gross.

Fashion Night Out at the Depot at Gateway

My sister-in-law's best friend owns Vintage Fox Boutique and she showed her stuff at the Fashoin Night Out and the Depot at the Gateway last weekend, so she asked me to walk in her runway show. It was so much fun. I love stuff like this so I was happy to do it. Katrina also walked in it and a couple other friends. There were other companies with models to show their clothes as well. Urban outfitters and Lola Bella are some of the companies there. I also walked for a local designer named Nappi. My mom and brothers came so it was a family event:)
Here we are waiting for Vintage fox to go on.

The Vintage Fox models. There were others, but we didn't know them.

Standing in front of the Vintage Fox display.
Some candids.

Here I come.

next outfit .
Last outfit. I was suppose to have a jacket on here, but I set in down and when I went to pick it up it was gone. We ended up finding it though.
Here I am in the Nappi outfit.

Here is a good shot of the hair and makeup. So crazy, but so much fun to get to wear for a night.


I got some really cute pictures of Chloe, Alvin and Reid the other day sitting on my porch. They were all so happy.


Here I am with Clara ready for our ward Halloween party. I was dressed as an 80"s person if you can't tell. It is always easy to fall back on the 80"s costume.

Reid as a power ranger in the school parade. I didn't know that he had those orange hot wheels tracks until I saw him walking in the parade swinging them like they were nun chucks. He knew he couldn't have weapons so he brought car tracks:) He knows how to beat the system.

Clara at her preschool trick or treating to the parents. She still doesn't like to dress up. What little girl doesn't like to dress up? Well Clara doesn't. She just hates it. I have to force her to do it. Silly girl.

Ready for trick or treating. Reid again with the track nun chucks. Clara let me do her hair in a bun like tinker bell. It took a lot of persuading. Alvin is peter pan, but he looks like robin hood or an elf. I made his costume so it isn't perfect.
Again those people in our neighborhood had the huge blow up things. Alvin didn't dare go on them, but loved to watch. He looked so funny standing in his little costume.

Little Elf


My in-laws were in town during oct. and we went to Cornbelly's while they were here visiting. Here is a picture of the cute aprons my mother-law made Clara and I for Halloween. Aren't they cute? She also made my kids Halloween pillow cases which they loved. What a nice mother-in-law I have.

Here we are at cornbelly's I had to include this picture because when I saw it I was laughing so hard at my face. Click on it big and you will laugh too. Looks like I was really scared. Alvin loved this slide though. I kept putting him down on his stomach feet first and he has never been so excited. I have never seen him smile so big. So cute.

Sitting on the huge rocking chair. This place is full of photo opportunities. My mother-in-law was in heaven. She is a picture fanatic.
Sitting on the pumpkin princesses carriage. Clara still won't get within 100 feet of a princess. The pumpkin pricess was there, but sure enough like every other princess Clara doesn't like to get near them. Have you ever met a girl scared of princesses. She is more of a timkerbell kind of a gal.
We went through the corn maze. This way or that way?????
Our favorite part is the big jumping pillow.

The cow train. This is such a fun place. We were there for hours and still could have stayed longer. Lovin the cornbelly's.

Reid's 7th Birthday Party

Reid turned 7 this year on Oct. 21st. I decided not to make a mess of my house and go somewhere else for the party. It was so much less stressful and not too expensive at Pirate Island Pizza. The kids loooved it. It is new so nobody was sick of it yet. Reid didn't want a pirate themed party so we did a costume party. Here is the ghost cake I made with fondant. It was really yummy too. I made 2 layers inside, one was death by chocolate flavored and the other was the same recipe as the death by chocolate, but with a yellow cake and white chocolate chips. And then it was frosted in Wilton's butter cream frosting(it is a great frosting recipe by the way)

Reid really wanted a Power Ranger Party, but i figured that would be kind of hard to do in a pirate themed pizza place. He did dress up like on though.

Clara and her friend Ellie. We always include a friend or 2 for Clara.
Lots of fun games and rides to play on.
When you walk in to the place it looks like the Pirates ride at Disneyland.
My dad and Alvin.
Blowing out the candles. Reid is such a special boy. He is getting so creative and responsible. He is such a good helper at home. He can get upset, but he can also calm down very easily. Lately he is really into illustrating and writing books and they are so neat. I am always so impressed when he comes out of his room with his creations. He is such a nice boy at school too. He is always careful to include others and is always concerned for others. He started a French Immersion program this year at school and is doing so well. It is so much fun to hear him speak in French. It sounds so cute coming from my little boy. We love him very much.