Monday, January 25, 2010

Alvin had me take a picture of him in this chair and this is how he posed all by himself.
So my kids got all kinds of Christmas presents, but instead their favorite toy is the laundry basket. They love this thing.

They think it is a jungle gym.
"ALVIN!!!!!!" Alvin can't stop drawing on the furniture. Here are all of my cushions with the covers off because I am constantly washing them because he has drawn all over them. He somehow manages to draw something on every single one and most of the time as soon as I put the cover back on he some how finds a pen or a marker and draws on it again. It's awesome:).

Christmas in Arizona

We spent Christmas in Arizona this year. It was so much fun and the kids has a blast with all of their cousins. There are now 10 cousins under the age of 10. Here they are acting out the nativity on Christmas day. Reid is always goofing off. As you can see in the picture. When he came out for his part he was holding this fuzzy worm he got for Christmas under his nose like a mustache. It reminded me of something my dad would do. Reid has always reminded me of my dad so I am glad we named him after him.
Santa made a visit on Christmas Eve. Clara was so excited and I was very surprised that she wanted to be the one sitting on his lap. She is not usually like that.

Opening presents on Christmas Eve.
Sitting out by the rock waterfall with grandma and cousin julia.
Alvin was often found playing with this Christmas tree.

Clara and her new puppy from Santa.
Just like Daddy.
Some of the cousins got nintendo DSI's and so here they all are watching them play.

The kids all went and saw the Princess and the Frog.
The 4 girls had so much fun together.
We went and visited great grandma Rowley. Here she is taking us on a tour of her new place with Alvin sitting on her walker. We had so much fun spending time with her.

Alvin loved playing in the drum.
My sister-in-law Michelle blessed her new baby girl while we were there. Here we are at the chapel. I had to put this picture to show Clara in her dress that I made.
The whole Hazar Family at the blessing.
Playing at the park. It was nice to get out of the snow.

Early Christmas eve with my family.

We spent Christmas in Arizona this year with David's family this year and so we had an early Christmas eve with my family. Here the kids are acting out the nativity. It was fun this year to have the participation of Alvin and Chloe this year. Although it is still a pretty wild event trying to get kids these ages to cooperate in acting it out. They love it though.

Too many Christmas projects.

This year for my traditional homemade gift for my mom I made her a Christmas table runner. I finished it in Oct. this year so I was craving making things in Dec. so I decided to make more homemade gifts and it turned into a lot of homemade gifts. I was addicted to it. I am currently taking a break, but I have definitely found a passion of mine.

This is a skirt I made for Clara.

This is the dress I made for Clara too. And then when she wore it I thought it was so cute so I had to make one for my nieces for Christmas. (i don't know why but this picture always uplaoded like this even though it was the right way when I added it)
This was for 6 month old Mackenzie.

This one was for my friend's daughter Ella who is 4.
This is for 18 month old Chloe.
And this was for 6 year old Julia. It was so much fun to see the finished product.

Playing outside

Just some cute pictures of Alvin and Clara playing outside. Alvin is talking a lot now. He pretty much repeats every word you say. Not clearly, but he tries to say it the best he can, but the funny part is that he whispers a lot of the time. Whenever you ask him a question he always answers it in a whisper. It is so funny.

Now that Reid is in school all day Alvin and Clara are best buddies. Clara takes such good care of Alvin. She can't stand to see him upset. It is so nice to have Clara around to help out.

Christmas activities

We did lots of festive activities this December. We live so close to the mall so we went to see Santa at least once a week. Each time they had to tell him something different that they wanted Santa to bring them. They also got a See's candy carmel sucker so that made it even more enticing to go see Santa.
We attended both Reid and Clara's Christmas program(I am so sad, but I forgot my camera for Clara's program and she was so cute singing) Reid did a good job too. He sang some of the songs in French (Reid is in a french immersion program at school).

We went to the live nativity in Draper. It was such a neat experience except for the freezing 2 hour wait, but once we went through the streets of Bethlehem and came upon the nativity seen it was sooo worth it. My kids complained the whole 2 hours and then once they went through the main part they begged to wait another 2 hours so they could see it again. I would highly recommend it.
Here we are waiting in line. They did love the fires every ten feet. And the different scenes you got to see while in line.
We watched Santa fly in on a helicopter.

Alvin sees the helicopter. "Copter" He says. We also went to see the lights at Thanksgiving point along with Santa's live reindeer. And we went to the festival of trees. The kids loved it all.

Clara at preschool

I recently got these pictures from Clara's teachers and so I thought I would post them. Clara has grown so much this year in her preschool. She has really come out of her shell. She actually sits on diferent spots now on the carpet. She use to only sit in the very far left corner on the "C" square and no matter what was going on she would not leave that square. She now moves about to be able to see what is going on.

My mom came to read with the kids on granparent day.