Sunday, July 27, 2008

We saw this Ferrari parked at the Gold's Gym by our house so we had to stop for Reid to get a picture by it.
Remember a couple of posts ago how fun I thought our hot tub was. Well... this week Reid slipped while playing in it and split his chin open. He had to get 2 stitches. He was very brave he didn't even cry. He only cried when I told him we had to go to the doctor, but once we were there he didn't cry once. This is a big accomplishment for Reid, because he usually has a very hard time when he gets hurt.
New Shoes.... Reid and Clara got new shoes last week for school, but I told them they can't wear them outside until school starts. So now they never want to leave the house, and when we do leave the house they can hardly wait to get home. We let our kids have one toy in their bed when they go to sleep and lately they both want their new shoes. Sometimes we catch Clara sleeping in hers. Reid is extra excited as well because he has learned to tie his shoes by himself so he is constantly tieing and un tieing his.
We went swimming this week with my friend Amy and her kids. Like I said before her kids are all my kids ages and the same sexes. This is her little boy Max who is 5 weeks younger than Alvin. Look how big Alvin looks.
This is Amy's kids Ella and Sam and my kids Reid and Clara.
On the 24th of July we went to a carnival in spanish fork. My car said it was 113 degrees that day so it was a little too hot to enjoy the carnival. It was so hot that when Clara got off this ride she touched her hamstring area on some metal and had a huge burn on her leg. It looked really painful.


Amy M. said...

thanks for featuring my kids on your blog (and me below). I need to post pictures but Ann's internet putts. My kids look pretty white trash here. Sam is grabbing his unit and Ella's tankini top is pulled up and she doesn't even have the bottoms on. Nice.

I added more memories below.

a wynn wynn situation said...

Cute story about the shoes :)
John checked out the picture of Reid's chin and he said it look good :)

Rock It Star said...

That looks like a lot of fun! It is funny how much bigger babies are when they are 5 weeks older. Poor Reid and Clara! I hope they feel better now. There shoes are cute!
I don't know why this is posting as rockitstar! but its katrina!

Michelle said...

Ouch Reid! I've got a scar in the same place. I love the kids new shoes!! Very stylish. I love that they are so excited about them. I would be, too. :)