Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

I saw this on my friend's blog and it seems fun.
Here are the directions:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together, or one of the first memories you have of me. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

I think it'll be interesting and fun to see what memories you write!


Amy M. said...

Where to begin? I'll just jot down the first few memories that come to my mind...
-Making videos with you such as Peenie Ballet, Grease, Andrew Jackson.
-Being Ritzy and Blooms.
-Dressing up like 80's girls for Halloween.
-Going trick or treating with masks on so the Westies wouldn't know it was us.
-Hair shows, especially your crazy curly huge hairdo that touched the roof of the car.
-Driving the rig with you. And that one time we drove it with towels on our heads.
-Our Lake Powell trips. And talking on the radio to find boys.
Retainer Twin Tuesdays.
-Dressing like twins, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes to make friends die at us.
-Many funny volley memories. Us annoying Wanda. Sticking balls in our tummies. Quit daydreaming, get over here. Getting lost on the way home from a tournament. Whop Dar it is! Jen Bestie. Me pantsing you. You trying to overhear Wanda's talk with me. You line judging with pretzel in mouth. You sliding into tryouts on your knee pads was the best thing you did for us. I would have hated volley w/out you.
-Maverick buffets.
- Talking like Amos and Neemus.
-Making funny friends like E-man and posting signs when he got lost.
-Doing "So what you're saying is" taperecordings for our Interpersonal Communications class.
-Both of us falling on the runway during fashion show practice.
-You walking on stage late during another fashion show.
-Running through the mall and on other errands.
-Cooking at Dixie and spliting our food in half. Ew and remember when we kept putting gelatin in our cereal for protein?
-DIAGRAMS! Laughing sooo hard every time we'd read each others diagrams.
-Sharing a locker and especially the story of the jammed locker.
-Me visiting you and going in your room and laughing and laughing.
-The cousin (I Know's brother) date disaster.
-Maypole dancing in your SBO skit.
-The dolls and books you made me.
- A Few Beautiful Women.
-Seminary and those funny friends. What about when you put them on my computer at Freedom and their friend saw them!
-Being filing clerks and Pat's sweater.
- Putting our beds in the closet and making one big bed.
- "I Want it Now" dance.

I could go on and on all night. I know I'll think of 20 more after I leave this comment.

Destiny Rayburn said...

"This tastes like something I've tasted before"

Amy M. said...

This game you and I are playing is SO FUN! I have been dying laughing at all the memories we've been listing. You listed some that i thought of after I commented on your blog and some that I hadn't thought of in years. So funny. I forgot how much fun we used to have and what funny things we used to do.
Here are just a few more. I'm sure I'll be back.
- "IDIOT!" and later, "that wasn't her stomach."
- Melon & friend reciting poetry by the campfire and us busting up laughing.

- Us doing "finish" signs during Wanda's boring volley pep talks and meditation sessions.
-Danford "feeding us to the wolves" when he drove us to JL's houseboat.
-Laying on my floor in our Let's Get Personal tees waiting for the Skyline boys
-Going to dances and me leaving you with undesirable boys.
-Porch dances
-Going on art trip to Calif and sneaking off to the mall every chance we got.
-Sharing meals or ordering the same thing so we wouldn't be mad.
-Blarney pulling out your maxi from the garbage and depositing it at Aaron L.'s feet.
-Speaking of Aaron..."If I wasn't wearing raquetball shoes, could I do this?" AND him sliding through the crack in your house. AND when you were excited for the picture of the two of you at his farewell, only to discover that I accidentally cropped his head out.
- Fat free phase when we ate bagels, pretzels, hot tamales, and frozen yogurt galore
-doc martens and babydoll dresses
- hiding elsie
- us hiding from our new friend
-talking in robot/Vicki voices
-"Are you coming?"
-Sun-In on our hair (fine for you, so ugly on mine)and laying out always.
- Us running around McDonalds on our way to Lake Powell because we didn't have time to work out that day and me totally falling off the curb.

Destiny Rayburn said...

HAHAHA! That was so funny what you wrote, I totally forgot about all of those! Here's another one for you, We were walking in Maceys and that guy said "she's got a nice butt" and you heard them but I didn't so you told me! LOL!

Amy M. said...

I am roaring of laughter at your latest comment on my blog. How did you think of those last few memories? SO FUNNY! I had forgotten all of those. How could I? Well done Lady, well done. I just reminded Ann of the sweater dinner and she was laughing too.

Amy M. said...

taking photos in victoria's secret dressing room.

porter and tyler making us do a photo shoot.

"maybe we hug"

Michelle said...

This is a tough one - so many things come to mind.
-I'll never forget seeing you for the first time and hoping you and David would start dating. :) You had just gotten off your mission!
-I'll also never forget the time I came to stay with you at the condo when Reid was so teeny. We had so much fun with him and Tyler - going to Thanksgiving Point, etc.
-Then, when you came to stay at our house that one time with Reid - so fun! Remember the dance-offs we'd have with the little boys. They were so entertaining.
-I'll also NEVER forget the time you were doing my hair and I went to sit down just as you were moving the chair and I landed right on my tailbone! That was one of the funniest things ever!!
-I also think of how thoughtful you are. How when I found out I was having Julia you made me pink sugar cookies. So sweet!

Amy M. said...

When we were running away from a play at Dixie and I face planted in the mud.

When we braided our hair together during chuch.

Amy M. said...

Pink blob on Geo.

Zed. Didn't he give me underwear? Creepy.

Crunching our apples in the movie theater.

Figuring out that we could go to Kenny Rogers at closing time and order a corn muffin and they'd give us a whole bag free.

THe first time we saw Clifford and we loved it and Nic hated. THat was the same night Rosell's smelled like a skunk after you guys kept asking me if the playhouse was going to stink and I promised it wouldn't.

Special occasion (when Nic closed her mouth all the way).

When you said, "too may negatives."

Dressing like Jazz players and posing for pictures.

When I told you "I like your bag" on the bus and you told your mom a popular girl liked your bag.

6 man attack.

Crotch bat.

My bike being parked in St. George for months after I left.

Writing our names in the wet sidewalk cement and Darla writing on our record that we were vandals.

Friends forgetting me at Morp (you guys were in the motorhome, I was still at Jill's).

"Hint" (fallen bra strap)

When you asked Barr to a dance with suckers stuck in his lawn. Then we went to a football game and found out he'd already been asked, so we rushed back to his house to get the suckers. THey were already picked up, so we rang the doorbell and asked his mom for them. Did I get that story right?

gunnarson said...

Being able to laugh every time I come in about how overly structured we both are and how we can totally relate with each other's "bathroom" problems!