Friday, July 18, 2008

Doing hair at my mom's

This is "my Lady", Amy. We call eachother Lady(I don't remember why). We have known eachother since middle school and we became best friends in Highschool. She finally moved back to Utah. She was just living in Arizona and we finally get to live in the same state again. We were inseparable until I went on my mission and she got married. So we are pretty excited to hang out more again. We do everything the same. Whenever we get together we are either wearing twin outfits, our kids are wearing the same outfits, or we are giving the same gift at a shower. We are always finding more and more things we do the same even though we live far away from eachother. We think we were separated at birth. We both have 3 kids and all of them are born within months of eachother and they all are the same sexes. We will have some pretty fun play dates. Anyway I did her hair the other day at my mom's house and my mom has this hood dryer at her house for when I do hair there(what a nice mom). Amy and I were dying because the hood dryer is called "Lady Dazey" Perfect for "My Lady" to sit under.
Another funny photo of me washing Amy's hair in the sink. Amy is 5 foot 10 and so her legs hung way over the counter. I usually do my client Nahir's hair at my mom's and she is 5 foot 2, so she fits perfectly, not Amy.
We keep our hot tub cool in the summer time and my kids love to swim in it. It gives me something to do with them that is easy with Alvin. I just sit outside the hot tub with Alvin.

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Amy M. said...

I am laughing so hard at those hair pictures. Just think when Vickster walked in the back door and my hooves were right in her face.
Yes, it's true we are so much alike. I am so lucky to have you as a bestie. I just love my Lady.
The reason we call each other "Lady" is because you called another driver, "Oh you LADY" when you she did something bad and I laughed that you called her that. The next day i caught you using something in our locker and I said, "Lady.." Then it stuck.