Saturday, June 7, 2008

Clara's 3rd Birthday Party

Today was Clara's 3rd birthday. She wanted a hello kitty party so this is what we did...
We had a hello kitty cake,
We played pin the bow on the kitty,
We face painted hello kitty on the kids' faces, (when i asked reid if he wanted one on his face he said.."hello kitty, eww gross" he is already thinking girl stuff is gross. I think his best friend Coleman who was there wanted one on his face, but he had to follow what his friend reid was going to do. He kept looking at reid before he would answer me when I asked if he wanted one.)
Clara and her friend Ellie, sipping cherry 7up with whip cream on top.
We made hello kitty pizzas and ate them. (we set the fire alarm off baking them too, that was fun.)
This is the one I made, the other ones didn't look so much like hello kitty, but they tried.

We had a hello kitty pinata
Reid broke it.
Reid's first hit knocked the body off the head so here is the headless kitty so the other kids could have a turn.
My dad is always thinking of funny things he can do and this is one of them.... after we were done with the pinata he opened up the head and put it on reid's head, and said, "okay, who's next to hit the pinata?"
Here are the party kids. Triston, Ellie, Reid, Coleman, Joely, Clara, Paige, Cameron, and Talitha.

We ate cake and ice cream. Even though Clara spit on it :).(see video above.) I have a client/friend who gave me some great tips for making cakes. She use to teach cake decorating classes and she is famous for her gingerbread houses. Anyway she told me to frost the cake first with melted white chocolate and let it harden and them frost the cake to eliminate crumbs in the frosting. it worked great. Thanks Charlotte!

After the party we took Clara to build a bear. Grandma and Grandpa Hazar said they would get it for her, she was so excited.
We kept telling her she could get whatever she wanted. the shoes, the purse. the underwear, the clothes, but she just wanted the bear with hello kitty pj's. Just like herself. She loves to be in her jammies. And we have a hard time getting her to wear shoes. She named her bear "Heart Girl".


Katie said...

It was such a cute party! Ellie has been talking about Hello Kitty all day. Ellie's build a bear has Hello Kitty jammies too...she'll have to bring it over to show Clara.

Brinton Family said...

She is such a cutie.. Those pizza's were the cutest idea.. You are so creative at everything you do!! It looks like she had a fun time and I know the little laugh reid prob did when grandpa said that to him.. Giggled and then said grandpa no. They are so cute! And reid is wearing his little kensley shirt :). p.s. Does clara's little spring jacket still fit her that we got her. I love it so much on her so I hope so :)

Meaja said...

What a sweet dedication to your daughter Clara. She's so lucky to have you as her role model!

Sabra said...

She is a cutie. The kids had a great time at the party. You sure know how to throw a party. Talitha's build a bear also has the hello kitty pj's. We will see you tomorrow at the park.

Michelle said...

Wow - that looks like a fun party! I was dying laughing at her blowing out her candles. So cute! Your dad's "Reid pinata" was hilarious, too. Julia was also very impressed with her Build-a-Bear. She loved the name, too. The girls are going to have fun together when we come. :)

Jill said...

Cute pizzas. Looks like a fun party. The video wasn't working for me, so I'll have to try again later. Happy Birthday Clara!

carriehazar said...

I can't believe how old Clara is already! She is totally turning into such a little girl, and a darling one at that. The party looks like it was a huge success! I wish I could come and be a kid at one of your parties! Anyway, this is a very belated post but I am not very good at keeping up with these things. I always look at your blog and think I will come back later to post comments but I never get around to it. We hope Clara had a wonderful day and we have the perfect present for her when we come up to Utah (hopefully she will still be into Hello Kitty!). We sure love you guys and have really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work!!

benilhalk said...

Oh! This cake reminds me of an incident. My daughter cried for this cake so much. She saw it in a bakery and was after this cake. It is her birthday next month and I am so happy I got to see this post before that. Is this cake made at home? I really want to know the recipe, it’s going to make my daughter very happy. I also have to look for event halls for rent for her birthday celebration.