Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 2008

We went to my parents on Sunday and celebrated Clara's Birthday early. Her birthday is on the 8th and we are having a b-day party with her friends on the 7th. She can hardly wait. Alvin and Chloe are 2 months old. Here they are with outfits they gots from my dad's brother and wife.

Clara got a princess scooter and baby doll from grandma and grandpa. She has been asking for a princess scooter ever since Reid got a scooter in Oct. for his birthday.
Here she is trying to ride it with grandpa. Here are my cute kids. I started back at the gym this week. My kids love the gym daycare, and so do I. They have lots of friends they see everyday there so they really missed them since i had Alvin. I go everyday at 9am, because that is when my favorite classes are. Mon. is a step class, Tues. is a spin class, Wed. is a kickboxing class, Thurs. is a weight lifting class, and Fri. is a half step half kickboxing class. I have so much fun doing them. It is such a good break for me. I did these classes before I had Alvin and so I missed going to them. I am glad to be back.


Amy M. said...

Lucky you that your kids love the gym.

Michelle said...

The kids look so cute!! I can't wait to see all of you. It's going to be so much fun! Tell Clara I hope she has a fun party tomorrow. I can't believe she's going to be 3. I LOVE your blog paper, too. You picked a good one.