Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funny kids

Alvin loves to be in his crib and look at his mobile so I put him in there at least once a day while I get stuff done around the house (i have to keep coming back in to wind up the mobile about every 5 minutes, but hey I'll do whatever I can for a break) anyway today I went in to wind it up and this is what I saw. Clara loves her little brother.
Today at Church
Today during the sacrament Reid took three pieces of bread. So after he shoved them all in his mouth I said to him "Reid, you're only suppose to take one piece!" and he responded "there was just too many I couldn't decide." I tried not to laugh. I remeber as a kid trying to pick the biggest piece of bread and then when I thought I got the biggest one spotting a bigger one and wishing I could put the one I had back and pick the other. If any of you know me at all, I am still the same way. I still look for the biggest one when it comes to food. It always takes me like 5 minutes to pick out a rice crispie treat at Noodles and Co. because I want to make sure I get the biggest one.


Brinton Family said...

I noticed that at noodles and company! how funny!!!! I saw you touching and squeezing them all. Then you rip off a piece for each person because you wont let anyone take too much marshmellow and you give me the piece that has the most marshmellow on accident. It was so funny! And Reid is so cute and funny and we love hearing his stories!

Michelle said...

I love Clara's little smile. :) She sure loves her baby brother. Ah, and I definitely understand the "picking the best piece" thing. I think Reid's getting it from both sides.

leandparkermakes3 said...

Rice Krispie treats at Noodles are my very favorite! In fact, now I am really craving one! I might have to go there tomorrow for lunch!