Friday, December 23, 2011

New Family Pics.

My sister-in-law is starting to do photography.  And she is amazing.  I am so excited that she took on the talent and that I can take advantage of her talent.  We got these pictures done in Arizona while we were visiting for Christmas in an orange grove in Mesa.  It was a great place to get pictures done.  We got some good shots.  Here is Alvin 3 years old.
Clara is 6 years old and wearing a skirt and a dress I made.  I first made the skirt from a pattern and thought to myself how cute would it be as a dress so i made up this dress for her.  They are a little high maintenance though because she has a hard time moving around too much in them.  And if you know Clara she is not a girlie girl and so she doesn't just sit in her dresses.  I gave her a matching doll dress for Christmas. 

Dean 7 months.

Reid 9 years old.

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