Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eddie the Elf on a shelf

Eddie our elf came to visit on Dec. 1st to make sure the kids behave so he can report to Santa if they don't.  With all the help from pinterest I got so many fun ideas for Eddie to do in the night when he came to life.  Here he had made a snow angel out of sugar. 

Here he made doughnuts for breakfast.  Chocolate with sprinkles and powdered sugar.  I loved this one and so did my kids.  They had no idea they were really cheerios.  It was so cute to see them eat each one and say "mmmmm, Eddie makes good doughnuts."

Here Eddie played a trick on the kids and hung their underwear where they usually hung their stockings.  He even hung Dean's diaper.
Here he made himself a bed with some tissues.
And another night a hammock with daddy's sock.
Here he was fishing for goldfish in the toilet.
Stuck in the jar.
He made a cake!

It was yummy just like the doughnuts.
He made a house out of the Christmas books. and he was reading a book inside. Below he made a gingerbread house.
He made a snowman out of marshmallows.

The night before we left to Arizona he waited by the door with his bag packed.
We stayed in mesquite on the way to Arizona and in the hotel we found him in the shower with towels wrapped on him.
He hid amongst the stuffed animals and grandma and grandpa's house in Arizona.
He also hung from the mistletoe.
On Christmas morning he left a trail of kisses leading the the toys Santa left.

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