Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reid's Birthday Party

Reid had his 6th birthday party last Saturday. He wanted a race car party(surprise, surprise). It was a lot of fun and I think all the kids had fun too. Here is the cake I made. I love to create things as you know, so this was pretty fun to make and eat:). Here are some pictures of the activities that we did.

Reid got a WII for his birthday so the kids played mario cart as they were arriving. The first game we played was pull back car races. We used Reid's pull back cars and the kids were accusing him of having a faster pull back car because he kept winning, but when the other kids used his car it was the same speed as the other car. Reid just knew how to work those cars. He might just end up being a race car driver. Let's hope not. Here are all the kids that came to the party ready the do the next event..... The Obstacle Course.

Here is Reid doing the obstacle course. We timed each kid to see who could do it the fastest.

We then had a pinata.

And then we opened presents. The little girl to the right is Kalyana. Some of you have heard me tell stories about Reid's girlfriend, well that is her. She was cute. She didn't want to play any of the games because she couldn't wait for Reid to open her present. As Reid was getting ready to open all the presents, all the kids were yelling..."you will like mine the best." "No, you will like mine the best." "No , mine." etc. and finally Reid stopped them all and said... "Hey, maybe I will like all of yours the best." see he never says one thing is better than the other.

Then to top it all off we had pizza and then ice cream and cake. Yum!
Later that day Clara was having one of her daily melt downs, screaming for about 30 minutes straight that she wanted sprite which we said she couldn't have because she had eaten junk all day. All of a sudden she stopped screaming and we thought, wow I can't believe she finally stopped and we went to the kitchen to see her and this is what we saw.

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Katrina said...

that looks like it was a fun day! I love the cake! you are so talented! So cute!