Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mornings at the Hazars

I still go to the gym on the mornings and so every morning we come outside early to ride bikes until it is time to go. Here is Alvin watching the kids sucking his thumb. He has become a regular thumb sucker. He got his first tooth last week and I can see the other one next to it about to come through. He got his first tooth earlier than both my other kids.

Reid goes to school in the mornings, so he rides his bike with Clara until the bus comes. He loves to ride down the neighbors driveway. Hopefully they don't mind, because my kids are always over there.

Here is Clara riding Alvin around. My kids are still so obsessed with there new brother Alvin.


Katrina said...

Those are cute.., I love the one with Alvin and Clara!!

a wynn wynn situation said...

That picture of clara and Alvin is adorable! what a fun mom.

What's up with the Wuehler Family? said...

That is so cute with Clara and Alvin.