Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween at Clara's Preschool

Clara's preschool paraded around UVU(she goes to the preschool there) in their costumes on Wed. this week. Here she is waiting with all the kids for mommy to come.

Here she is in the front of one of the college classes singing a Halloween song(she wasn't singing though, basically the teachers were the only ones singing.)

Here she is in the gym singing a Halloween song for the parents. My Kids never love to sing in these kind of events. Neither Reid nor Clara would ever do it. They just stand there. Although Clara did do a couple of the actions along with the other kids. I'll take whatever I can get. Another funny thing both Reid and Clara have done is they hate it if I try to sing or do any of the actions in these kind of things. I must look pretty stupid or something.

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