Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

Today was Halloween and so Reid had his kindergarten parade. As you know we followed him around as he went from class to class. Here he is sticking his tongue out at us.
Clara wanted to join in so Reid made sure she knew where to go. He kept saying in kind of a baby voice. "This way Clara, stay right here, stay close to me." It was so cute.

My mom, Katrina, and Chloe came to see the parade. It was a little uneventful, but the best part was going to einsteins afterwards and getting my favorite pumpkin muffin and chocolate cookie. I am still dreaming of the pumpkin muffin. I will have to go back very soon. This is Chloe as Hello Kitty.
Here is Alvin. He was pretty fussy the whole time. It was right during both the babies naps:(.

This is my younger brother Chauncy dressed up for his ward party. Don't be surprised, but he's single:).

Here are the pumpkin's I carved this year. David was out of town this week, so I had to do all the Halloween stuff all by myself. David hates to carve pumpkins so he lucked out this year. Reid wanted really scary pumpkins so these are the ones he wanted me to carve. He said that when people see them they will be so scared they will fall down.

Here we are waiting to go trick or treating.

David finally got home to go trick or treating with us. Yeah!

We found Darth Vader while we were out.
These people went all out for the trick or treaters. They are a young couple in our ward and they don't even have any kids. We couldn't get our kids to leave their house. My kids actually debated whether they wanted to stay here and play or get candy at the houses. Can you blame them? Look at this thing.

Down the big slide. We go trick or treating every year with 3 other couples and their kids. It has been so much fun to see all of our kids grow. It usually takes us sooo long waiting for all the little kids to go from one house to the other, but this year the older kids were so far ahead of us. It was funny to see the change.


Lyndzi said...

Wow, those really are some scary pumpkins, I almost fell off my chair. Good thing we've got padded carpet.
Cute costumes too!

Katrina said...

Those pictures are so cute! I had fun yesterday even though Chloe was ornery too.. I bet the kids were in heaven playing on those big slides.
That place should have been on the news.. How fun!

Amy M. said...

NICE "LEG MOVE"! I noticed it in the photo of you and kids in front yard.

Sam also had to have our pumpkins and decorations be "really scary."

Reid's party was very fun and cute and creative.