Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun day shopping

On Friday I went to a really cute boutique with kids clothes in Sandy called Kinderwinkel with my mom and sister-in-law and then we went to paradise bakery for lunch. Here is Reid and Clara showing off their tattoos that aunt Katrina bought for them at the boutique. Katrina is always buying my kids little surprises here and there. She is so sweet to them.
After lunch we went to the mall and my mom sat with the kids in the playplace while Katrina and I went to Naartjie(my other favorite store).
My friend Amy met us at the playplace so our kids could play and while they were playing Amy whipped out a pair of scissors for me to cut her baby's hair and her bangs. It was so funny. Now I have a salon at home, my mom's, and the playplace:). People watching were dying. Some girl cutting hair at the mall playplace. As a mom with 3 kids you gotta do what you gotta do. This is what I call multi-tasking.

(hint: pause the playlist at the bottom to hear the video) After the mall we went to my mom's and she made some corn for my kids and all of a sudden we noticed that Clara had found a way to get a better bite of her corn. She was throwing the cobb into her teeth so it would sink into her teeth so she could get the whole kernal. It was so funny.


JethRobyn said...

Sweet, I need to learn that corn eating move :). Your kids are so cute.

Katrina said...

Yes it is crazy how 3 kids keep you so busy! Esp because they are all at such different stages :) It was fun getting those things today at forever 21!! Love that store!
That video is so funny of Clara eating the corn :)

Michelle said...

Clara is so funny! Wish I could have come shopping with you. :( My bangs could definitely use a trim, too - among other things. Julia is also wishing Aunt Nabby could cut her hair. She was asking if Nabby could cut "these things on your forehead," translation bangs, for her.

Chad Darrington said...

Hi Nabby, It's Drew, remember me?! Your family is so beautiful! Chauncy is on facebook along with alot of the old Wasatch 8th gang and he gave me your blog. It is so good to know that you are happy! My husband and I live in Boise with two kids and one on the way. It is so great to keep in touch...brings back good memories! My husband does the blog thing, I do not really use it. I would love to know how you are email is or catch me on facebook!