Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bumbo Hat

My sister-in-law Katrina let me borrow her baby bumbo car last week and as soon as we got it home Reid came out of the room with it on his head. Like I have said before he is just like my dad. He just comes up with this on his own we have never taught him to be like my dad. When I was growing up my dad was always putting something on his head, in his teeth, on his eyes, up his nose etc. to make us laugh and my little Reid does the same thing. The other day he came out of the bathroom with q-tips sticking out of each of his ears. It was pretty funny, but I quickly told him that that was pretty dangerous. And the other day at church he was playing with wikki stix(they are yarn covered in wax so you can stick them together to make stuff)and he turned to me with them stuck to each of his eyebrows so he had two colorful eyebrows.
Clara had to try the bumbo hat on since Reid had showed her that it could not only be a chair, but a hat too.
Whenever David is working on the computer my kids love to climb all over him. I finally decided to capture the moment.

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Michelle said...

LOVE the picture of David and the kids. My mom would be proud you captured that moment. I love how he's concentrating so hard on what he's doing - he probably doesn't even realize Clara's on his back. :)