Friday, August 15, 2008

Truck Show

Today we went to the truck show at Thanksgiving point. We went with my mom and my cousin and her little boy. We figured Reid and my cousin's little boy would love all of the trucks. And the boys did. My cousin's little boy is named Jack and Reid called him Jackie. He isn't even two yet, but Reid treated him like his little buddy. It was fun to see Reid as an older brother figure. He is so sweet to kids younger than him.
Here they are riding the the cow train.
And of course there were some fancy cars there, so Reid was pretty excited.
Here's Reid pretending to drive the Pride truck.
I have been telling Reid that I was going to cut his hair before school started and so he said "Can I tell you how I want it cut?" and I said "Maybe, how do you want it cut?"
and he said, "I don't know yet, there are just so many haircuts I have to choose from." So today I finally got around to cutting it and He decided he wanted it a little shorter than the last time I cut it and he loved it. He kept saying "Cut it like this everytime Mommy." and "You are the only one who does it just right." and "Never forget to put gel in it when I go to school Mommy so it is spikey." and then when he went upstairs to show his dad, David said "Your hair looks good Reid" and Reid said "I picked this haircut out of a magazine."
He wanted to be like a client maybe. He says the funniest things.


Michelle said...

Reid is hilarious! He is right about you always cutting it right - he's lucky to have his own built in hairstylist. You guys do such fun things! I'm sure Reid was loving the truck show. Very cute pictures!! I miss you guys!

Katrina said...

That is so funny what Reid said. He is so cute! It is so glad you are writing then down so you can tell him when he is older. I can't wait to see you today!!