Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reid's first day of kindergarten

Reid went to kindergarten for the first time today. Here he is waiting at the bus stop. He said when he got home "I was on the bus for a LONG time." Our bus stop is the first to be picked up and the last to be dropped off, so he is on the the bus for like 30minutes each way. Extra time for me:) He was so excited for school today and so was I. Although I did get a little teary eyed when the bus drove off.
Here he is in is new school outfit.
The first one to get on the bus.
He waited on the stairs for a while and all the other kids passed him. I think he was surprised he was actually going all by himself.
Here he is waving goodbye in the middle window. He and his two friends all sat in the same seat. This is when I got teary eyed. Seeing my little Reid leaving the nest. He came home and said that they only got to have recess for 1 minute. so basically the bus ride was too long and recess was too short.
All the other grades started last monday, so the kindergarteners went for an hour on the first day and then they each went for an assessment test during the week. Here is Reid last monday in his class. He could hardly wait for this week. Everyday he askes how many more times do I have to go to sleep until I go to school. It was a long week!
Here they are lining up to tour the classroom.
And here they are reading a story about colors. The teacher was asking questions and one of them was "Why do we keep our hands and arms to ourselves?" and Reid raised his hand and said..."So we don't get other people sick." With Alvin in the house everything is about not getting others germs in our house. Clara is so excited to go to preschool which starts next week. Stay tuned.


JethRobyn said...

So cute! How many kids are in his class? I can't imagine the day I have to send Linc to school, I don't blame you for tearing up! I am even thinking about it! What a goody kid!

Katrina said...

Oh those are such cute pictures. I can't believe he is in Kindergarten already. He is such a cute boy and so smart for his age. He is going to love school. That is so funny how excited he was to start too. Don't you wish you could watch him at recess to see what he does. So funny

Amy M. said...

Aw, cute. I can imagine getting teary eyed on Sam's first day too. Kind of jealous of the extra time the bus takes :). Not for me, I'll be driving my friend to and from kindy everyday (they don't offer a bus). I like Reid's cute little grin in all the photos. Is his class extra small? That's nice if it is.

Michelle said...

Those pictures are so cute! I love how he stopped to let other kids pass him on the bus. I bet he felt so grown up going by himself! I remember the first day I rode the bus in Kindergarten. I thought it was the coolest thing ever - until I got on the wrong bus one day. :( Tell Reid I hope he's having fun at school. I bet his teachers love him - he's so smart and so funny!