Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dino museum and Silver Lake

This is Alvin and his new buddy Max. I went to the Dino Museum with Amy and her kids on Friday. We stayed there for 4 hours. Both our husbands go out of town a lot so we have plenty of time to be alone. So we stayed together as long as possible. The kids had a lot of fun together.
There are a lot of hands on parts in the Museum where the kids play for a while and we can sit and talk. This one they can make different kinds of dinosaurs and see where the dinosaurs were found on the map.
Since we had so much fun at the Dinosaur Museum we went to Silver Lake the next day with our husbands who were finally home. We saw a moose right by the lake.
Here is Reid, Sam(who stretches out the neck of every shirt like you see in the picture), and Dillan(Amy's cousin).
David, Clara and Alvin.


JethRobyn said...

I have a pass to Thanksgiving Point, if you ever want to go out, anytime, I get 50% off of guests. I used to work at the museum and painted some of the murals and inside the sharks mouth, I like going out there to see it all. Even Linc has fun growling at the dino noises! That moose picture is crazy! I would be afraid!

Amy M. said...

We had a weekend with you guys. I just looked at our pictures and Sam's collar was killing me. Bridal Veil seems fun. Good idea.