Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reid's T ball game

Saturday we went to Reid's t ball game. My camera died so i didn't get any pictures of the actual game, but next game i will. He loves to play. I can't tell if he likes the game or just making his buddies laugh. Last game he was carrying a worm around and putting it in everyone's face. Then he made his hat as big as it goes and shows all the kids. This week the coach had to keep yelling to him to run to the next base, because he was having a conversation with the players from the other team in the field, or he was checking out the base and how it worked. He bats left handed, but throws right handed. Which could be a good thing. He does a decent job, but he just loves to play with his friends.
David and Alvin watching the game.
Clara playing at the game. She gets a little bored and usually has to go to the bathroom at one point during the game. I was known when i was younger (not so young actually) for just squatting to pee outside if i had to go bad enough, so i have made Clara do it on occasion. Then the other day at the park I look over and there she is squatting next to a tree peeing right in the open. like mother like daughter, but at least I found a place where i was hidden.
He is always looking all around.

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Amy M. said...

of course! i bought ella that same outfit clara's wearing. once again we do that.