Sunday, May 18, 2008

Funny Reid story

I forgot to tell this story about Reid. My friend took him to the movies a bit ago with her kids. And as they were waiting for the movie to start my friend takes out her soda that she had bought there to take a sip. She said that Reid looks over at her and says..."Kristy, did you buy that soda here?" She replied..."Yes Reid I did, do you want some?" He sat there and you could tell he was really thinking and he replied..."No I don't, but don't you know you're not suppose to buy soda at the movie theater, it's so much more expensive, you should never buy soda at the movie theater." Kristy sure did learn a lesson that day. She replied.."Yes, Reid you really shouldn't" She was dying she was being told not to buy soda by a 4 year old (Reid was 4 when it happened.) Smart kid.

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