Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why do kids have to be kids

Alvin came downstairs screaming that his fingers were stuck and then I saw this.  He actually had one finger on each hand stuck in it, but one of them came out with soap, but this one did not.  His finger was getting swollen and so I could not get it off.  I ended up having to saw the toy with a knife.  It was a little scary trying not to cut his finger along with it.  Anyway, I ended up getting it off, but it was a little stressful for a moment.  Alvin is getting so mischievous lately.  He got into my paints downstairs in the basement and painted the walls and ground of the unfinished part, one day he was screaming downstairs that he was stuck and so I finally ran down there and he was holding up an extra door that had tipped over and he almost couldn't hold it anymore.  Lately he has been cutting everything into little pieces.  The other day he cut up my older kids' flash cards.  Not only do I not want him to ruin the flash cards, but I also hate all the little tiny papers all over the house.  AHHHHHH! KIDS!

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