Friday, June 8, 2012

Clara's Rainbow Birthday Party

Clara wanted a rainbow party and so did I.  I guess I kind of brainwashed her into doing it because I thought it would be so much fun. And it was.  I was so excited that I got to use my mural for the 3rd time.  My uncle made it for Clara's Tinkerbell party 3 years ago and then I added butterflies to it for Clara's butterfly party and this year I added a rainbow for her rainbow party.  I know my uncle put a lot of hours into making this so I am glad I have gotten lots of use out of it.
I made paper pinwheels
And a balloon banner.  Thanks to pinterest I knew how to do all of these things.  Pinterest has been my best friend these days.
I made applique shirts again with rainbow hearts.
Lots of rainbow food.
Rainbow jello
Rainbow cupcakes
Rainbow fruit kabobs
and Rainbow goldfish

Here is the birthday girl.  She turned 7 this year.  Clara is the best daughter I could have ever asked for.  Since I only have one I am glad I got a good one.  She is so helpful and good at things.  She will clean her room and the upstairs and then bring me up to surprise me.  She is so nice to all her friends and tries to include everyone.  She is still a little tom boy and likes to play boy things and play with the boys on our street, but she still loves girl things too. Like rainbows.  She is always making sure everyone has a friend at school.  Once I dropped her off late to school and she started to walk in and then she noticed a boy by himself over by the locked doors so she stopped and walked over to him and walked with him into the school.  I later asked her who he was.  He wasn't in her class, but she knew his name.  Usually kids don't play tons with kids who are not in their class.  She saw him alone and knew who he was so she didn't want him to walk in by himself. I am so glad she has such a sweet side.
We started the party by decorating their goodie bags.

We made bottle cap necklaces.  I had tons of different little girl images for them to pick from.  Lot's of different hair colors and hairstyles to choose from.

We made rainbow button bracelets.
We ate rainbow jello.
We had a hunt in the backyard kind of like an Easter egg hunt, but with rainbow colored dollar toys.
And opened presents.  So much fun. Another thing Clara does that is so sweet is befriend the kids that don't have as many friends.  Last year when I volunteered in her class I noticed that instead of getting her work done during the station time she spent a lot of the time helping this other kid who has some kind of learning disability.  I was so proud of her, but also worried she wasn't getting her own work done.  This year she told me that no one sits by that same kid at lunch and so she sits by him so he won't be alone. What a sweet girl.  I don't know where she got this side to her, because I was not like this as a child.  I do have a brother that is very much like this though.

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